20€ for Signing Up & 20€ for each Referral to Hotel Deal Site Sheradill (Very Scalable)

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Sheradill Referral Program

Sheradill Referral Program

Sheradill is a unique hotel website that displays hotel deals and allows you to earn credits by performing tasks. Sometimes it will ask you to visit the hotel’s website or watch a video. Doing these things will earn you credits towards a stay at that particular hotel.

Update: The Deal Mommy has a good post explaining exactly how Sheradill works including how the social sharing earns credit.

Sheradill Referrals

They also have a unique referral program. According to the terms, here is how it works:

Each time someone new becomes a Member of Sheradill using your “Refer a friend” code (“your Friend”), we will provide you and your Friend with a 20€ Credit to redeem against any Hotel Deal. When a referral credit reaches 1000€ you will not earn any more referral till you don’t redeem that sum within a deal using the “Use Your Referral Award” button within the sharing options. All referral credits received in the meantime will not be redeemable nor refundable. If the Referral credit used against a Hotel Deal is higher than the value needed to buy the Hotel Deal, any difference will be considered void, irredeemable and non refundable.

How to Refer:
  1. Sign-up for a Sheradill account.
  2. Sign-in and click your name on the top right.
  3. Go to your profile.
  4. Share your referral link via social media or email.

My Thoughts

The number of deals are limited, but this does indeed seem to be a way to earn hotel credits fairly easily. I searched around and a few people have reported being able to knock as much as 90% off the price of a hotel through both referrals and by completing the social media tasks. This seems like a fairly easy way to rack up some hotel cash without too much effort. It seems very scalable.

If you are interested in signing up, I would love it you considered using my referral link.


Do you have any experience with Sheradill or their referral program? Let us know in the comments.


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