Simon Mall Selling $1K Visa Gift Cards Until End of Year

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simon mall $1K gift cards

Simon Mall Selling $1K Visa Gift Cards Until End of Year

Simon Mall recently began selling $1,000 Visa gift cards with an activation fee of just $3.95. It was supposed to be a temporary thing, but it was first extended until August 4th and then October 31st. Now the promotion has been extended once again until the end of the year.

This is an in-store deal for purchase at physical Simon locations only. It’s great news for those looking to increase their credit card spending. The fee works out to just 0.4% of the gift card value.

The cards for now will be offered until December 31, 2019. But looks like this might be extended again.


Buying $1,000 denominations is great for those who do large volumes. Especially if the fee is just $3.95. It cuts down purchasing and draining fees, plus makes everything faster.

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  1. How solid is the news? I was at a SM a couple hours ago and mall employee was on a conference call (corporate??) and that employee looked up and told me they are not extending the 1000$ promo. Can it be store specific?


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