Simon Mall May Possibly Stop Selling 5% Back Visa Gift Cards?!?


Simon Mall 5 Back Visa

Simon Mall 5 Back Visa

Simon Malls currently sell variable load “5 Back” Visas for $3.95. You can load up to $500 on these cards and pay for them with a credit card. Then, when you spend the money you earn 5% back at select merchants. These cards have been popular for many. 

Despite launching these cards in November with fanfare and a press release, it seems Simon may be pulling them completely. Just a few minutes ago a long time reader sent me the following note:

Hi Shawn – just some news…Was at my local Simon this afternoon and they informed me that they had received a memo from corporate instructing them to stop selling the 5% visa cards effective immediately. She shared the print out with me but I did not get a copy.

I suppose it is possible this memo only covered this reader’s mall, but I doubt it. I did email the reader back to find out what area of the country this was in and I’ll update the post when I know more.

Has anyone else heard similar news or seen a memo at their local Simon Mall? Let us know in the comments!

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    haha jk.

    well, i mean not surprising right? not only that, everyone worthy pulled out of the program already. meaning its a redbird failure situation. something good exploited and corporate saying “oh shit. bad idea.”

    as long as other VGC still sold for same fee then thats fine. i never use 5% anymore after CVS anyway. some were having tons of fun with staples and lowes or BBB tho. damn them! haha.

    i would assume not all locations read the memo yet. meaning TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!

  2. Does of the remaining Five Back merchants sell gift cards? Otherwise, why would your readers care? That 5% discount at Charley’s Crab probably isn’t too enticing.

  3. So wait, besides the slight discounted fee… where have you guys been making use of 5b that hasn’t pulled out already?

      • Yeah, that’s kind of a shame. There are a few participating (and obscure) retailers who, theoretically, might sell third-party gift cards. You might think the blogosphere would help you identify them, but I guess nobody wants to spill the beans.

    • CVS was the most profitable until they backed out of the program. Staples worked, but added some extra steps and brought down the return to barely above break even.

    • before KMart pulled out, I found it the easiest route without having to buy VGCs that needs to be converted to MOs. The drawback at my KMart was only one MO per transaction although the manager allowed multiple transactions up to six, as long as I do not hold the line. I miss KMart more than CVS.

      • what do you mean? buying simon is getting VGC to kmart MO. haha…
        im sure u mean no need for simon to CVS.

  4. There are still some merchants that can be useful depending on what people are buying. Those I can think of are Bass Pro, Cabel and Golden Nuggets(if you know how to make it work). Once these merchants are abused as well, I’m sure they’ll exit the program asap. The one on the horizon about to exit is JCP which follows Macy’s. Sayonara.

    We cannot expect activities like this to last forever once methods are discussed in details online. It’s not fair to blame just the bloggers, if anyone gets to participate and benefit, they should be grateful for the benefit. M2C.


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