SkyMall Is Returning But is it a Good Idea?


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skymall return

The Return of SkyMall

This week I came across an article in the Huffington Post about the return of SkyMall. As you may recall, SkyMall filed for bankruptcy back in January in a move that probably wasn’t a surprise to many. After all, their business model really seems straight out of another time.

Once upon a time you could find strange and offbeat items in SkyMall that weren’t available anywhere else. With the advent and widespread use of the internet, that simply isn’t true anymore. I never purchased anything from SkyMall anyway, but I think even their target demographic sort of moved on.

Well one company still thinks there is life in the brand. On April 1 SkyMall was purchased out of bankruptcy by C&A Marketing. The company then created a marketing campaign in early May to let the public know that SkyMall will be back. But who cares honestly? Do they still have any fans and will it be the same old company?

Well C&A was quick to say how the new SkyMall will innovate and do things slightly differently. In an interview with Huffington Post, Chaim Pikarski who is a Vice President of C&A said, “We are looking to add more of the innovative, fun cool products that people are looking for, but that are still in keeping with the DNA of SkyMall.”

What exactly does that mean? Well we probably won’t know until the end of the year when SkyMall returns to airplanes, however they do sell items on their website. Among the items that Huffington Post highlights are a “Hipster Doggie Bed” and an “iPad Wall Clock”. Need I say more?

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