The Unexpected Has Never Been So Beautiful


snowbird utah beauty

A Beautiful Day of Unexpected

One of my favorite things about travel are those unexpected things and places you encounter along the way. A couple of months ago I wrote about Nis, Serbia and what a profound impact that city had on me. It was just a place we stopped at in route from one to another, but it was also so much more.

snowbird utah beauty
Salt Lake

Of course, the unexpected comes forth in so many other ways while traveling as well. This weekend I am up in Salt Lake City to ride a new roller coaster at Lagoon, their local family run theme park. This is my 3rd visit to Salt Lake and I wanted to make a point of actually seeing the lake.

snowbird utah beauty

We started the morning heading out to the State Park and taking in views of the blue water. It was nice and a great start to the day. Then we made a fantastic decision. My friend is an avid skier and had noticed that a local resort called Snowbird has a number of summer attractions including a few rides. Before long we had hopped in the car and were on our way up into the mountains.

snowbird utah beauty

Up and up we went seemingly into the clouds until we arrived at a spectacular place. For me, the day’s lesson of the unexpected was all about beauty. We bought an all day ticket and rode their mountain coaster and other rides, but more importantly we simply enjoyed the stunning surroundings. We hiked, we laughed and we enjoyed the day.

snowbird utah beauty

The world is complicated and beautiful in so many different ways. Today’s beauty was the dumb kind. The kind where wildflowers growing on the hillside touch something deep inside of you. The kind that almost everyone can see. It wasn’t as deep or complicated as the beauty I have found elsewhere, but it was just as fulfilling. Deeply fulfilling in every single way.

snowbird utah beauty

On this day I enjoyed friends, fun and nature. A combination that has been rarer in my life over the past few months and one that I am reminded should be pursued more often. What a great Saturday. As I told my friend when he joked about me clumsily falling off a cliff while hiking, “I love living too much!” Have a great evening!

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  1. Awesome post Shawn! I think this is exactly what differentiates your blog from all others–your to ability to periodically filter out the noise and write about the ethos of travel. As for Robert…he’s just a pendejo.

    • Thanks for the support Walter! I am glad that some people enjoy the occasional post like this. Snowbird is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It was hard not to be inspired to write something.

  2. Great post Shawn…. one of your very best. Helps in having an insight, even a small window, into the good soul who puts so much energy and care into this decent, helpful blog. You’re reminded me us all….. that it’s more than “just” about savings & hacking to get there…. Here’s to many more such splendid joys ahead.

  3. I’ve only been the SLC in the winter for Hubby and sons to ski. Now I need to go in summer. Thanks for sharing. Nice post.

  4. Cool Story Bro. +1 Repped. Thumbs Up. Facebook Liked. ReTweeted. Shared. Instagram Posted.

    You know there was a survey done with 2000 wealthy individuals and 15% of them said they wished they stopped more often to smell the roses. So its good you’re taking a pit stop.

    Interesting. Everyday is Monday Game Day for me. But maybe I will become 65 before I know it. Not sure.

    Have not enjoyed life yet, but I am hoping it pays off. Get Rich or Die Trying.

    • Perspective changes day to day and year to year. Your truth today will be different tomorrow! Lots of beauty everywhere though and to be honest, I have been a little cooped up lately, so this was a great reminder that I need to get out more!

  5. It has everything to do with the purpose of travel, inspiration. How else do we decide what’s best to use the miles we earn.

  6. I’m happy for your deep introspective post, but maybe you should save to draft first. This has nothing to do with the purpose of traveling or providing any useful information for such.

    • If you find little value perhaps this isn’t the blog for you?

      His site name is Miles to Memories. What we do is all in the name of making a better and more enjoyable life whether that’s through free travel or extra $. He’s closing the loop and providing a reflective piece that ties into the point of his blog and a large reason for MS in the first place.

      When I see posts like this it emphasizes many things such as the fact he does this because he enjoys it (I see no affiliate links in here) and wants to share it with like minded people. I’ve never been to Salt Lake and this makes me want to go. It’s reasons like this I subscribe to his site because I don’t have much free time and I gain great value here.

      Sometimes the most simple surroundings (I.e. nature) can clear ones mind and facilitate the ability to break through millions of little disorganized thoughts and allow you to attach to the ones that really matter in life such as family and friends. For me, it washes away problems that simply cease to matter when you’re presented with a larger than life perspective of the world while simultaneously feeling appreciative and thankful for your existence.

    • Robert,

      All I can say is that I hope someday you will be able to read this post and understand why it does have everything to do with travel. As Anthony said, this is Miles to Memories. The name really is representative of who I am and what I believe. I don’t do this just to sit in lay flat seats or enjoy lounge access. It really is the process of creating these types of memories that drives me.

      Plus, even if you didn’t like my introspective writing, I shared photos of one of the most beautiful & inspiring places I have ever seen. Even as a photo post with no words, I still don’t think it needed to be “Saved to Draft”.

      Thanks for the comments and I hope you continue to read the site.



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