Great News! The SoFi Invest $50 In Free Stock Offer Was Extended – Rack Up Referrals!

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SoFi Invest Offer Extended Till 11/30/19 ($50 In Free Stock)

We have covered the SoFi Invest account a few times over the past month and their awesome $50 stock bonus.  It was set to end on 10/31 but I guess SoFi was playing a Halloween Trick on us.  DDG was able to confirm via the SoFi app’s chat function that the Sofi Invest offer was extended throughout November.  So if you missed out last month you can still get that $50 bonus.

How To Get $50 in Free Stock

Hopefully you already have a SoFi Money account and got that $50 bonus and have been referring friends and family for $100 a pop!  If not you should start there.  So let’s move on assuming that you already have a SoFi Money account.

  • This offer is available via referral only as far as I can tell.  Here is our SoFi Invest referral, thanks in advance if you choose to use it.
  • Once you click through the link just log into your SoFi account, it is the same log in as your SoFi Money account.
  • SoFi will have you choose the stock you want to pick for your free $50 in stock.  There is a pretty extensive list.
  • Once selected they will ask you to fund your account.  You need to fund it with at least $100 to qualify for the free stock.  The cool thing is that you can use your SoFi Money account to fund it if you want and you have the money available.
  • You DO NOT need to invest the $100 you simply have to move it into your investment account.  I ended up investing it since it was fee free!

Link to Offer

That is it!  You should see the money transfer and the $50 stock in your account in 2-3 business days.

Once you have a SoFi Invest account you can refer people to your account for a $50 bonus for each referral!


Just remember that you can not get the referral bonus for the same person for both accounts. So if you are doing a 2 party system have one person sign up for SoFi Money first and refer the other.  Then have that second person sign up for SoFi Invest and refer the first person to that.  If you do both deals you should come away with $350 in value!

Final Thoughts

SoFi Money and SoFi Invest may be the deal of the year.  If you haven’t jumped on this money train then choo choo it is time to get all aboard. The cool thing is both accounts are really great too and I plan to use both long term.  They are offering value now and in the long run!


  1. Mark need a little help. I signed up for my SoFi money account referred my wife and she signed up for the money account. I can’t figure out now how to sign up for the invest account so I can refer her or vice versa. Or do I have to go thru your referral link set up an account and the refer her? Please let me know.

    • Yeah you have to go through a referral link first to get the offer. So I would have her sign up first via a referral link (if you want to use ours that would be very appreciated) and then have her refer you. Do it that way since the same person can not refer another person for both. So if you referred her for the invest you wouldn’t get the $50 since you referred her for the money account.

  2. Mark, when I click on your link I see that it expires 10/31/19:
    Get $50 worth of your favorite stock to start building your portfolio when you fund your SoFi Invest account with at least $100 by October 31st, 2019.

    Is there a link for 11/30/19 that I am missing?

    Thank you

    • That is the only link I can pull up in the app. I would guess they just forgot to update the date. You could wait to see if it updates till next week if it makes you nervous though.


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