The Best, Funniest & Craziest Comments from Southwest’s Facebook Live Hawaii Announcement!


Southwest Airlines Hawaii Announcement

Southwest Airlines Hawaii Announcement

Yesterday Southwest Airlines announced their intentions to fly to Hawaii from the Mainland United States. They will be flying their brand new 737 MAX sometime in 2018, however routes and dates have not been announced since they need government approval for the routes and the aircraft still needs overwater certification.

Still, this news was big for many customers and for the company. To celebrate their announcement, Southwest did a Facebook Live stream from Waikiki. Instead of just sharing the news, I thought I would pass on some of the funnier comments I saw while watching the live stream! (Make sure to read to the end for the best one!)

Southwest Facebook Live Comments


Some fans were just happy to see the announcement while others were interested in a different airline.



Some people would love to go to The Islands, but are just a bit afraid.



At one point in the stream they had some severe audio issues and it didn’t sound nice. Of course people couldn’t give them a pass on that!



But it wasn’t all bad. Southwest has some true fans that just love to show the Southwest spirit.



Of course there were some serious aviation geeks listening in as well.



And some that want to think they are aviation geeks! 🙂



Southwest is known for their low fares, but someone got the Spirit of the airline wrong!



Of course a stream like this can’t happen without the obligatory “angry customer” posting about their experience from last week!



And the person who has to bring up the mechanic contract issue.



This lady had me puzzled. On one hand too much information, but I also want to hear the story about how getting married cost her a trip to Hawaii!



Of course there is also this lady who seems like she is holding out for Southwest to fly to Hawaii so she can see her son. No other airlines will do! 🙂



And finally the best comment! This person gets why this announcement is so darn exciting. He/she must be one of us! 🙂



What are your thoughts on Southwest finally announcing their long known intentions to fly to Hawaii? Are you excited or do you prefer to fly on other airlines?


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