Southwest’s Schedule Extended Through 2016 & Where to Look to Always Know When the Next Extension Is Going to Happen


Southwest Airlines Schedule Winter 2016

Southwest Airlines Schedule Winter 2016

Unlike other carriers who typically have their schedule extended about 11 months out, Southwest only releases theirs about 5-7 months in advance. While I am terrible at planning ahead, I know many of you aren’t and being able to book flights for the Holiday Season is important. Thankfully as of today you can book flights through January 4, 2017.

The Next Extension?

Are you looking to book Southwest Airlines flights beyond January 4, 2017. Well, you’ll have to wait until July 7, 2016 when the schedule will be extended again. The next extension will open up flights through March 7, 2017. I highly suggest bookmarking this page, if you ever want to know when the next extension will happen.


If you have any big holiday travels for which you are looking to book a Southwest flight, it might be a good idea to job on their site and look around. Thankfully Southwest flights are still refundable, so it often isn’t a bad idea to grab the flight now and see what happens to the price (either in cash or points) later.

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  1. Note that they say “dates subject to change.”. And they really mean it. Travel dates through beginning of 2017 were posted as being able to be booked early next month. I just received a heads up Tues that it got moved up to this morning.


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