Southwest Will Drop 17 Non-Stop Routes in 2020

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Southwest Will Drop 17 Non-Stop Routes in 2020

Southwest Will Drop 17 Non-Stop Routes in 2020

Southwest Airlines extended its schedule a few days ago. You can now book flights through March 6, 2020. Along with the announcement, there was also news that the airline would cut many non-stop routes from some major airports.

The airline needs to free up the planes for flights with stronger demand, including its new Hawaii routes that were launched this year. Effective January 6th, Southwest will eliminate non-stop flights between the following cities:

  • Los Angeles-Cancun, Mexico
  • Los Angeles-Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Los Angeles-Omaha, Nebraska
  • Los Angeles-Pittsburgh
  • Boston-Atlanta
  • Boston-Kansas City, Missouri
  • Boston-Milwaukee
  • Dallas Love Field-Oklahoma City
  • Dallas Love Field-Jacksonville, Florida
  • Dallas Love Field-San Francisco
  • Orlando, Florida-Oakland, California
  • Orlando-San Jose, California
  • Orlando-Sacramento, California
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida-Jacksonville, Florida
  • New York LaGuardia-Orlando, Florida
  • Columbus, Ohio-Oakland, California
  • Austin, Texas-San Francisco

Southwest offers daily flights in each direction on all of the routes except New York-Orlando, which is Saturday-only service.


Airlines make changes like this all the time, so this is not an extreme step. But it is a large number of routes that are being dropped and it might affect people who live near these airports.


  1. Some of these being dropped make no sense to me unless Southwest is not doing well with business travelers. Some of these routes include:


    Also, I find it hard to believe they will eliminate DAL-OKC, as many in OKC likely connect in DAL. LGA-MCO seems odd too, since Southwest heavily depends on families.


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