SPG Amex 30K PSA – Direct Apps Still Available & Why You WILL Lose the Extra 5K Points if you Don’t Call Today for an Approval!


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SPG 30K Offers Still Available for Now

As you know by now, the bonus on the revamped Amex SPG co-branded credit cards has temporarily been increased to 30K points. I noticed that some blogs said that yesterday (Sunday) was the last day to apply. That is not quite true.

Based on what I have seen around the internet, the affiliate links for the offer have pretty much gone away, however you can still apply for the cards directly on the Amex website. I have confirmed that personal referral links from current cardholders are still working as well.

Here are the direct links that are working as of now:

Note: You can also apply over the phone by calling 1-800-519-OPEN for business or 1-800-223-2670 for personal.

Public Service Announcement – CALL FOR AN APPROVAL on ALL SPG APPS!

Whether you apply today or you applied a week ago, you must gain approval by today in order to get the 30K bonus. Here is the language on the SPG applications:

If your application is not approved by 9/14/2015 because it is incomplete or in pending status, you will not be eligible for the 30,000 bonus Starpoints offer even if your application is subsequently approved.

While I don’t know what time zone American Express uses to determine this, my guess is they use your local time zone. Either way if you decide to apply now or if you have already applied and your application is pending, call right away. American Express will give you the lower bonus if your application isn’t approved today. This has happened to several people I know in the past.


The main reason for this post was to remind everyone that you have to be approved by today in order to get the 30K. If for some reason you thought it was too late to apply, it isn’t, but you definitely need to act fast and make sure you gain an approval today if you want the extra 5K!

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  1. Strange; the referrals I sent have this language:

    “If your application is not received by 9/14/2015, you will not be eligible for the 30,000 Starpoints offer and the friend who referred you may not receive the Referral Bonus even if your application is approved. American Express reserves the right to modify or revoke offer at any time.”

  2. I applied for both personal and business yesterday. I was approved immediately for personal, and told to call for business. When I called, they said it was pending because you had to wait five days between applications (which I was unaware of). They said it would be processed next Friday, so I would not get the bonus. My fault for waiting until the last minute.

  3. here is what happen to me, I applied on 9/3 for the SPG Biz.

    The application automatically goes to “Canceled”. Reason being duplicate app. (Dup. biz app maybe, but not dup SPG biz)

    I just called, they agreed to re-open the review process, so it’s now “In Progress” again. The rep saying the app date is 9/3 with same welcome offer. #Myfingercrossed

  4. Applied on 08/25. was In Progress till today. Went ahead and cancelled the application. Even though the agent said i will get the extra 5k points, don’t want to 5k points leaving because of the offer terms.
    Thanks Shawn.

    • Edit: the online application still shows “In Progress” even though the reps said it will be cancelled. Seems AMEX is not what it used to be earlier.

  5. Just called Amex Application Status check line and got the response said: if you do apply before 9/14, you will be fine and qualified for 30,000 points no matter when you get approved. So, don’t worry!

    • When I called they told me if its not approved today, you will not get the 30,000 points. I guess it depends who you talk to. Good luck!

  6. I applied for personal and business on Friday. Ax says there is a 5 day hold on one card when 2 apps come thru at the same time. I even did two browser app.

  7. Well dammit. I applied right when the offer came out on 8/13. Application has been pending for over a month and I can’t speak to the department it’s with. Ridiculous. I’ve never had to wait over 3 days for an application before this one.

  8. Hey Shawn. Do you have a RocketMiles ref link?? Didnt see one on your support page so I was surprised.
    Gonna sign up so I wanted to go through your link.

    Let me know.

  9. Shawn love your perspective on our “hobby”. I thought that I saw links in this article for checking the status of both the business and personal SPG application. Where might I find those?


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