Splender Double Cashback Extended & Why That is a Great Thing (Rates Comparison)

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splender portal double cashback

Splender Double Cashback Extended

I was one of the first bloggers to cover and review Cartera’s brand new Splender shopping portal. I first noticed it over a month ago and was really impressed with their high payouts. In fact, for many merchants their payouts are MUCH higher than anyone else. There is a reason for that though.

As part of their launch, Splender was offering double cashback across the board through November 30, 2015. Yesterday I noticed that they still had high payout rates and was hoping they forgot to flip the switch or something. Well, apparently double cashback has been extended through December 31. Here is the email I received this morning:

splender portal double cashback

This is great news since it means that we will be able to enjoy these cashback rates throughout the entire holiday season. Of course, no matter what promotion is going on, it is important to use Cashback Monitor to make sure you are getting the best rate.

My Experience

Before I compare the payouts for major stores (see below), I want to point you to my initial review. I covered the portal in depth and since publishing that have used it many more times. Currently I have cashback pending for 20 purchases. This is a portal I am excited about and I hope things continue on the positive path they have been on.

Splender Comparison

Here is how Splender is currently ranking at some of the top stores. For me the eBay payout is big, since for much of this year the top payout has been 1-1.25%. I make some big purchases on eBay, so that extra bump to 2% is nice.


splender portal double cashback


splender portal double cashback

Best Buysplender portal double cashback

splender portal double cashback


splender portal double cashback

So they are almost always either the best or tied for the best. They definitely are failing at Walmart, but that is why we compare rates! In the Best Buy example, they are double what any other portal is paying except for Discover and who knows if Discover will even pay you!

Sign-Up Offer & Conclusion

Right now Splender is also offering $5 if you sign-up through someone’s referral link and make a purchase of $50 or more. The person who refers you gets $10. You can use anyone’s referral link. Here is mine.

As I mentioned before, this is a portal I have been using a lot and one I recommend (when they are paying the highest rate) simply because their interface is clean and their tracking is good. A winning combination in my book. Now if Discover would only hire their programmers!

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