Shopping Portal Roulette: Splender to Shut Down After Purchase


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Splender Shutdown Ebates

The Splender shopping portal raged on to the scene in late 2015. Not only did they launch with great payout rates, but they were backed by Cartera. (The company behind most major mileage portals.) The high payout rates were temporary of course and over the years their rates returned to normal. Once in awhile they are the best portal, but most of the time they are not.

Unfortunately it looks like they will soon be going away. I just received the following email stating that Splender has been purchased by portal giant Ebates.

Splender is Ending Our Shopping and Cash Back Service

Big news, Shawn

Splender has joined the Ebates family. Because Ebates really is the best at this whole cash back thing, we are delighted to let them take the lead from now on! We hope you decide to continue your cash back experience by joining and shopping through Ebates:

Dates to Keep in Mind

Here are the relevant dates pertaining to Splender’s shutdown:

  • 3/30: Last day to shop through – but you can still view your account information.
  • 6/29: officially shuts down.

Getting Your Money

Here is how they will pay you any cashback due by 6/30:

  • $10 or more due: You will receive payment as you normally would via check or PayPal.
  • $9.99 or less due: You can only be paid via a PayPal account.


This isn’t a huge deal since I rarely used Splender anymore, but it does represent one less major shopping portal which is an overall negative move. I am sure most of you already use Ebates for some shopping, so this probably won’t be a huge change.

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