3-Months of Spotify Premium Plus Google Home Mini for $1


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Spotify google home mini

3-Months of Spotify Premium Plus Google Home Mini for $1

Spotify has a promotion that can get you three months of service and a Google Home Mini for just 99 cents. There’s a couple of steps to complete this deal, but it’s worth it. Let’s take a look.

The Offer

Get 3-Months of Spotify Premium Subscription plus Google Home Mini with free shipping for $0.99. You need to follow these steps:


A good deal that will get a Google Home Mini and a trial of Spotify Premium Family Plan for just 99 cents. Even if you’re interested in the subscription itself, you can cancel and keep the Google Home Mini.

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  1. There’s no language about a free trial for family premium, looks like you’re charged $14.99 on upgrade. I don’t need a google home mini for $15…

    • Can confirm I wasn’t charged the 14.99 just the initial .99 +tax. After I upgraded to premium plus my trial period end date changed from 3/4/19 to 2/1/19.
      Looks like the took a month off my free trial instead of charging the 14.99

      • That worked but it was far from clear that the family premium was free during the $.99 trial period. And yes, it reduced the 3 months for $.99 down to 2 months.

  2. I can see the $.99 premium for 3 months but I do not see any language or promotion for the Google Home Mini, should I?

    I dont want to sign up and find out I dont qualify for the mini home and lose the chance since I would no longer be a new customer.

    • Ok I figured it out, I just never clicked on the 2nd link for the Family plan which does talk about the Google home mini. I just completed the whole process and processed the order for the Mini.
      The first link is only to sign up for the $.99 3 month trial ($1.04 with tax). After signing up then you have to click the 2nd link in the blog to sign up for the family plan & the free Mini. It comes in the email you click it and place the order which also included free shipping.


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