Stacking The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Deal For A Quick Getaway!

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Stacking The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Deal For A Great Weekend!

Stacking The Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Deal For A Quick Getaway!

When I originally posted the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas deal I thought it was a pretty good deal.  And then I got thinking about it and I started thinking this could be a great two night getaway if you use some stacking and ninja tricks (trademarked by Shawn Coomer 😂🤣). After going back and forth with some readers in the comments who also agreed I decided to do a follow up breaking down the deal more.

Stacking the Deal

Let’s keep this short and sweet and get right into it.  I found a two nights in April that had lowest rates in the month. And it is late enough that the weather should be pretty good.

For some reason they have now included resort charges when I searched today.  Maybe they read yesterday’s post 🤨? Anyway, the two night stay with resort charges would be $612.25 and come with a $200 credit.

There is currently an Amex offer for $100 off of $500 at Waldorf properties. Previous experience has said that it should stack with this American Express offer as well. That brings the out of pocket cost to $512.25.  If you have the offer on your Aspire card and have not used your resort credit yet you could use it for another $250 off the room rate. That brings the cost down to $262.25 for the two night stay and you still have that $200 credit.

Now I know the Aspire card has a large annual fee and that this isn’t really “free” money.  But I have always said the resort credit is where the value lies in the card.  It is the most difficult Aspire perk to use and the other perks more than offset the annual fee.  So the resort credit is the cherry on top so to speak.  That means that it is kind of like free money if you were not going to be able to use it somewhere else.


Many people have complained about struggling to use the Aspire resort credit.  Well if you like Vegas or just like being in the sun by the pool then maybe this is an option you want to look at. If you stack it right you could get a nice little vacay in Vegas.  You should also rack up a nice chunk of Hilton Honors points on the stay.



  1. I assume this cannot be combined with the Aspire $100 property credit at Waldorf/Conrad when booking direct (Separate perk from the $250 resort credit).

  2. Why don’t you use the free night feet with the aspire and then the 250 resort credit on the 2nd nights room?

    • It has to be 2 cash nights to get the $200 credit. You could use it to take on a 3rd night if there is saver space though.


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