$200 Visas Return to the Staples Website & More Good News!


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staples 200 visa gift cards return

$200 Visas Return to Staples Online

Last week I mentioned that $200 Visa gift cards had disappeared from the Staples website following a discount sale they held. I also pointed out that they had started imposing a limit of 3 gift cards per transaction on the remaining denominations of Visas.

Thankfully I have some good new to share, but some of the bad stuff still remains. Firstly, $200 Visa cards have returned to the Staples website for $206.95!! Secondly, as of now, you can purchase up to 9 in one transaction. (Staples doesn’t allow a transaction to go over $2,000 in gift cards.)

staples 200 visa gift cards return
10 cards will give you an error.
staples 200 visa gift cards return
But 9 cards works just fine!

Lower Denominations Still Have Limits

So what is the bad news? The lower denominations ($100, $50, $25) still have that pesky limit of 3, but who cares? They are a terrible value anyway and I know you weren’t going to purchase them. My only worry now is that Staples meant to impose the limit on the $200 cards when re-adding them, but forgot. Hopefully that isn’t the case.

Either way, if buying $200 Visa gift cards at Staples online is your thing, then shop away!

HT: Ryan for letting me know!

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  1. One time I remember purchasing items including a gift card, staples divided my staples rewards and included some on the gift card fee. I normally recycle my cartridges (4 of them) but I’ve used the money to buy other stuff, I’m going to try to use the reward and see if it covers the CC fee.


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