A Secret Staples Instant Discount & Extreme Savings of over 36% When Stacking Offers


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staples extreme savings

Extreme Savings at Staples

A lot of people like Staples because of the Chase Ink and its 5X earnings. Staples also has a ton of deals and offers like last week’s 25% back in Rewards coupon and this week’s negative cost Visa gift card deal. To put it simply, there is a lot of opportunity at Staples.

A New Promotion

staples extreme savings

Today Staples launched another promotion that stacks with something I have wanted to write about for awhile. Through 6/23/15 you can receive 15% off your online order of $100 or more when using Visa Checkout. You can find the full terms and exclusions on this page. This promotion came at a perfect time.

I have been in the market for a router for awhile, since my old one just isn’t cutting it. Dropped connections and buffering are constant problems and I run two businesses out of my house, so we need a strong reliable connection. We simply need something designed to handle the many devices that we have.

One of the things that many people don’t know about is that Staples has instant savings offers on their website for certain products and routers are one of them. Generally it is a good idea to use private/incognito mode, but if you browse around, you should eventually get an offer as shown below.

staples extreme savings

As you can see, the router of my choice is the Netgear Nighthawk X6 and Staples offered me an additional 13% off. This router has an MSRP of $299.99 and most every store sells it for that price. Staples actually has the lowest online price at $279.99 before any discounts.

So $279.99 is ok, but now with their generous discount, my price is down to $243.59. Nice! That price is about 20% lower than anywhere else. (It sells on Amazon for $290.) But now it is time for extreme stacking. By checking out with Visa Checkout, Staples will bring the price down to $207.05 or $223.82 including tax.

Of course that is not all. I started my purchase through the Upromise portal and received 5% back. (You may be able to get 10% from Discover with the Double Cashback promo, but the portal was not working for me this morning.) Staples also gives me 5% back in Rewards and I paid with my Chase Ink card which earned 5X Ultimate Rewards. So much savings!

In the end, it all looks something like this:

  • Final purchase price including tax after portal: $213.47
  • Next lowest price including tax: $290
  • Savings %: 26.4%


  • Rewards earned: $10.35
  • Ultimate Rewards Points earned: 1,119

If we value Ultimate Rewards points at 1.7 cents each, then the final cost factoring in the rewards and points earned is $184.10. That is a savings of 36.52% over the next cheapest option. Wow!

staples extreme savings
This is an amazing price by itself, but with points, rewards and portal cashback figured in, it gets even better!

Other Ways to Stack

Obviously you could go through the Discover portal and get 5% now and 5% later, although you may not get as high of a discount. In later experiments the largest instant discount on the router I got through Discover was 10%, which still works out slightly better than the math above. You can also purchase discounted Staples gift cards and use them to pay to drive down your overall cost.

Time Suck

I want to warn you that it can be a time suck trying to get a large instant discount to show. I have used multiple browsers and gone through different portals and the largest discount I have seen was 19%, but 10% seems like the most common. Unless you are planning to spend hours at this, I would suggest being happy with 10% off if it shows up.


While you may not be looking for this router or even any router, I always try to show you how to look for opportunities when they present themselves. It is deals like this one and the overall generosity of Staples’ Ink Recycling program that keep me from quitting the company. I generally hate their customer service, but I still love them for so many other reasons.

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  1. I always appreciate your thorough explanations.

    I agree, Staples does not have the best customer service. I had problems getting my Rewards from last month (finally was able to do it after a couple of “Chat Now” sessions and phone calls). Hopefully we will see another 40% Rewards coupon soon!

  2. Hey Shawn, I keep having trouble loading a Staples egift card when checking out at Staples.com.
    (I’m never able to click the “Staples Gift Card” box in the Other Payment Options grey area.)

    Any earlier post on that, or quick advice for me? Thanks.

    • Are you trying to buy a gift card? If you are purchasing a gift card then it greys out that option since you can’t pay with Staples gift cards. Even if a portion of the order is allowable, they still grey it out.

      • No a couple times only non-gc items, I just could not get it to work.

        Finally did work with different purchase the other day, but it remained a mystery.


  3. Shawn, for what it’s worth I follow a handful of blogs and IMHO yours is the most useful and practical. Thanks for all you do for the rest of us.
    I need to spend another $80 or so to hit my $500 spend for Staples rewards to boost up to 20 ink cartridges/month. Any advice on a safe “manufactured” type way of getting there? I buy all the supplies I can for my office but our corporate office does most of the spending. In all reality I guess it would be worth it to buy anything to get there. But I’d rather not take 4 months to make up for it. I suppose you’ve probably written an article about this at some point, mind giving me the link?

    • You can buy and resell merchandise during a good sale or when they give 25% back in rewards like last week. I wrote yesterday about a good deal on the router which would put you over the top. You can also look at free after rebate items like paper, etc.


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