Save 16% With the New Staples Gift Card Bonus Deal – But There’s A Catch!

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Staples Gift Card Bonus Deal

Staples Gift Card Bonus Deal

Cashstar is offering yet another bonus on the purchase of Staples gift cards. Through 12/20, if you purchase $100 in Staples eGift cards, they will gift you a free $20 Staple ePromo card. There is a limit of 2 ePromo cards per customer.

What’s The Catch

Staples Gift Card Bonus Deal

ePromo cards are not regular gift cards. They have an expiration date and thus you will lose the value if you don’t use them. In past promotions Cashstar sent these ePromo cards right away, but this one is slightly different.

The $20 ePromo card(s) will not be sent until 1/2/2015 and are valid until 1/31/15. This means that the bonus cards will not arrive in time for holiday shopping.

Is It Worth It

I personally purchased a $100 eGift card to both test if the ePromo card would come right away like with past promotions and because I have an upcoming purchase that I know I will be able to use it for.

If you have a use for these cards, then it works out to be a 16.7% discount in the grand scheme of things. If you are purchasing speculatively then this probably isn’t the greatest deal.

Keep in mind that these eGift cards are sold by Cashstar, meaning they don’t qualify for 5x points with Ink, but should earn 5% cash back with the Discover It’s 4th Quarter bonus.

Using Staples Gift Cards For Other Gift Cards

Staples Gift Card Bonus Deal

Staples sells a lot of gift cards and naturally a lot of people are interested in using Staples gift cards to purchase other gift cards. While this used to be possible online, the website was updated earlier this year to not allow it.

In-store, the official policy is to not accept Staples gift cards for the purchase of other gift cards. With that said, the registers will allow it, so if you can find a friendly cashier or one who isn’t aware of the policy then you may have success.

I have heard a few stories lately of Staples cracking down on this practice in-store, so I wouldn’t buy these gift cards with the hope of using them in-store to purchase other gift cards. While it is possible, I would say it is highly unlikely.


This is the third time Cashstar has run a promotion like this in the past month, but this is the highest bonus percentage with the lowest purchase requirement. $20 free money is a great thing if you will use it, just don’t forget about the expiration date!

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