15% Off Staples Gift Cards + Earn 5X on the Purchase ($100 for $85)


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staples gift card daily deal

Staples Gift Card Daily Deal

Staples has a great “Daily Deal” going on right now that most likely won’t last. Currently they are selling their $100 Easy Button Gift Cards for $85 with a limit of two.


Since this deal is directly from Staples, you can earn rewards in the following ways:

  • 3X ThankYou from a Citi AT&T Access More Card
  • 5X Ultimate Rewards from a Chase Ink Plus or Cash credit card
  • 5% cashback from the Amex SimplyCash card
  • 5% additional cashback on purchases of $200 (so you would need to purchase more than the gift cards) with the recent Amex Offer.


If you simply wanted to make some almost free points, you could re-sell these cards for 84.5% of face value. Thus if you purchase two cards, you will lose a total of $1 on the sale, but could earn 850 points for example with a Chase Ink card.

Things to Know

Here are a few things you should know about this deal:

  • Portals don’t payout on gift cards from Staples.
  • There is a limit of two discounts, however it will allow you to add more than two cards to your cart.
  • If it shows tax on your order confirmation screen then don’t worry. It shouldn’t actually charge you tax. I confirmed this with my order.


This is a great deal if you are someone who like me shops at Staples often or if you are someone who has the ability to re-sell cards and is looking to pickup a chunk of points with minimal cost. I don’t expect this deal to last long, so I would jump on it if you are interested. Happy shopping!

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