Is Staples Going to Stop Allowing the Purchase of Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards with a Credit Card?


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Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards at Staples with a Credit Card
These Visa gift cards were purchased today at Staples with a credit card.

Staples Ending Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards at Staples with a Credit Card?

Earlier today I awoke to a post from Ed at Pizza in Motion reporting one of his readers was told that Staples is no longer allowing Visa/Mastercard gift cards to be purchased with credit cards.

Buying Visa/MC gift cards with a card such as the Chase Ink is generally a good deal to earn points. This is especially true given the two recent rebate promotions and the Amex offer last week.

A Real World Test

After reading the article I headed to my local Staples this morning to buy Visa gift cards. To make sure I could report actual news, I made sure a manager was the person who processed the transaction. There was never any mention of them no longer allowing credit cards and the purchase went through fine.

Just as I suspected there is no imminent corporate ban on the purchase of Visa or Mastercard gift cards. My best guess is that his reader’s store is implementing a new policy on their own.

Manufactured Spend is Local

This is a good reminder to remember that so many of the “rules” of manufactured spend are local. For example, here in Las Vegas we have about 50 CVS stores. I have only found one that allows the purchase of gift cards with a credit card.

Corporate policy has always been to allow it, but the local stores do not. At first it bothered me, but I quickly learned there is no point. You win some and you lose some.


Thankfully it seems that there is no story yet on the Staples front in regards to buying Visa/Mastercard gift cards with credit cards. While that could change at any time, my guess is that it is was an isolated situation.

Unlike some stores, Staples charges a hefty $6.95 (3.5%) fee for the $200 cards and thus makes a decent amount of money on them. Additionally they have been promoting them pretty heavily, which seems to indicate they are making a push to increase sales.

In the end, we will see. We have lost so many opportunities lately that I certainly would be sad to see them go. I just don’t think that is going to happen soon.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve had some local stores tell me they won’t accept it, but when I asked to speak to a manager they said there wasn’t any such policy. In one case, it was an employee who had previously worked for Office Depot (who doesn’t accept it).

    • I think a lot of people overreact every time someone says no because we have lost so many opportunities lately. Most likely it is as you say, just a rogue employee or at worse a policy that only applies to a single store. Thanks Eric!


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