Update: Staples Mastercard Gift Card Deal Now Has Limits – Issued From Corporate

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Update: Staples Mastercard Gift Card Deal Now Has Limits – Issued From Corporate

Just a quick update on the Mastercard gift card deal that is currently going on at Staples.  We covered it earlier in the week and the ad had said there was no limit.  This is how it has been enforced in the past for the most part.  Sam and others in our Facebook Group alerted us to the fact that there is now a limit of one per person.  This has come down from corporate and it is being enforced pretty much across the board.  Even when there isn’t a sign people have been told at checkout.  You can still visit multiple stores but it will be only 1 at each store you visit per day/visit.  If that is worth it will be up to you.

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  1. Went to 2 Staples today and saw the sign on both saying only 1 card limit. One store didn’t even have any card left. I guess someone cleaned them out before the change.

  2. I just bought 5 at once at local Staples, while out shopping, was unaware of this post until just now. It’s not enforced across the board…yet.

    • Beth is totally getting people fired today! 🙂

      In all seriousness thanks for the DP – glad to hear there is still some hope out there.

      • Mark – I certainly don’t want anyone to get fired, hope you’re joking. I’ve been to three local Staples since this post and bought more than one each time. My sister did it at a fourth location in my city. Most recently this morning. Nobody suggested there was a limit at any of our local stores.

    • Some the Staples stores already impose a limit on the VGC. There are several stores near me. One of them has a strict limit of 1 per person and another said that I could buy up to 10 per day, but sometime would only allow me to buy up to 5 per day. With this new MC rule, I am assuming that VGC will have the same limit.

  3. This is so random. Just try buying multiple and see what happens. My local store said only one when the promo started. Today I swung by a different store and they didn’t bat an eye at two. Depends on what the reps know – it’s not hard-coded into registers.

  4. wasted time & gas $ yday; driving 50 miles rt to be told limit 1 only per corp.; this store mgr many times in the past allowed $2k per visit


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