Get $20 back on $300+ of Mastercards Next Week – Another Staples Moneymaker!


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Staples Mastercard Deal March 2015

Staples Mastercard Deal March 2015

Through Saturday Staples is running a promotion offering a $20 Visa gift card via Easy Rebate with the purchase of $250 or more in Visa gift cards. These deals are popular because cards purchased can be loaded to Bluebird/Serve or REDbird and the purchase earns 5X Ultimate Rewards points with a Chase Ink card.

Starting Sunday, Staples is rolling out another equally as lucrative deal, although this time it is with Mastercard gift cards. There are a few minor differences between the deals, but overall the result works out to be the same. You can make money and a nice chunk of points.

The Deal

Staples Mastercard Deal March 2015

Purchase $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards from 3/22/15 through 3/28/15 and receive a $20 Staples gift card via easy rebate.

You will notice the rebate on this one comes in the form of a Staples gift card, instead of a Visa gift card like this week’s deal. Just like with all of the other Staples gift card deals, the rebate offer is one per household.

Math & Strategies

In my post from last week I broke down the best strategies and the math for the Visa deal. Since the math works out the same for this week’s deal as well, head over there for more analysis. In short, I believe the best strategy will be to buy 2 of the $200 cards.


I look forward to deals like these to pad my Ultimate Rewards balance.  Since they generally only come around every couple of months, it is nice to see Staples running similar promotions on back to back weeks. Enjoy!

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    • Yes. If you go to a kiosk then the load works normally. At the registers these cards code as credit, so you must hit the cancel button almost immediately after swiping. This will take you to the screen where you can change to debit and it will go through. If you don’t do this then the transaction will fail.

  1. Probably going to pass on this one. Seems like a good deal on the surface, but in my situation here is why I think it isn’t:

    – Store set a limit of 2 $200 gc per day. Their service at the local staples is stooping to the level of Wal-Mart more and more. Hopefully it’s just a regional thing and others don’t experience this.

    – hassle of unloading the gc and hoping Kate machine at Wal-Mart is running. If not, I have to make separate trips to Wal-Mart registers to unload the gift cards (not going to try to unload several art a time). Not to mention MasterCard branded gcs are notorious for being finicky to unload compared to metabank Visa gcs.

    – It’s paying out in Staples gcs. For those who purchase here often and/or incorporate it into reselling strategies they’d see these gc as valuable. It’s a known fact Staples inflates prices and you have to pick your spots to buy anything – even a roll of paper towels. More time and effort. I could sell the gc online but probably lose 15-20% value in the process.

    – Small risk the purchases (I’d do three during the week @ $400 each) triggers a fraud alert on my Chase Ink card. I use this card for about $4k/year real spend @ 5% cb so I don’t want to push it in back to back weeks of the visa gc deal.

    • Forgot to mention I switched my grocery/household shopping to Target too (loading RB anyways) so even going to Wal-Mart and hoping Kate is running is a time vacuum.

      More and more I’ve had to focus on ease of MS with each deal and I don’t see much value in this particular one given the concerns noted above.

    • In Baltimore/DC area there is no limit to the number of Gift cards you can buy at Staples. But Managers do come out and check your credit card and drivers license to make sure you are the card holder if you buy more than 2.

      I’ve always been able to unload Visa or MC GCs from Staples to my Bluebird with Kate but lately Kate has been down in all 3 Walmarts near me. They have been down for months now. I just go to the customer service desk and load them there. They have never given me trouble.

      I have the Bluebird and my wife has the Redbird. We are fortunate to live in an area where there is Target/WalMart/Staples in the same shopping center. So visiting Walmart from Staples takes just few minutes.

      And like you we did switch over to buying groceries/household stuff more and more at Target. We always load odd amounts like $759 or $877.. never just flat $1000 or $500. hopefully that’ll lessen the chance of fraud audit.

      • Yeah, this store was like that too, until the manager left. Now it’s a bunch of frowny-faced types who look at you like you’re bothering them. I know it’s highly YMMV with Staples stores and their MS friendly attitude.

        Besides the potential fraud alert (of back to back weeks of buying $1,200 worth of gc’s/week for three households), the time vacuum is the issue for me. It’s going to take at least an hour to complete everything. That’s a big IF too. If it all goes as planned, which doesn’t happen as often as we’d like to think. At a value of $15/card (if liquidated online), including the slight profit from buying the mastercard gc’s, you’re looking at $50ish gross profit (not including drive costs if we want to get down to it). Too many variables and hurdles for me on this particular deal for me to bite. Tempting, but not going for it. At best I’m personally looking at a return of $25/hour and a slight risk w/ fraud dept at Chase. At worst I’m denied by frowny-faced employees, Kate is down at Walmart, and I have to hope there are no issues unloading MGC (which aren’t as easy as VGC).

        Every situation is different and in your instance it sounds like they’re MS friendly. My point of posting though was to illustrate this deal isn’t for everyone.

    • No problem loading to Redbird. If you’re near a Staples these are no-brainers for me. Chase points are a great value. I agree if I were still with Wally this wouldn’t be worth the hassles.

      • They check your card and ID at this Target. I haven’t built relationships yet, so I haven’t even attempted a MGC/VGC because they typically look surprised every time I bring my card in, since they’re not sold in this region.

        As usual, it’s YMMV and one shoe doesn’t fit all for everyone. If you have a friendly face at Target who still is OK with taking gc’s, by all means this is a great deal.

  2. Sounds like a good deal to me. MCGC are not as easy to liquidate, but there’s always RB, or buying MO’s at your grocery store, or just using them for everyday spending. Plenty of options.

  3. The game is to use them, that makes the spend worth 5X no matter where you spend the cad..

    Most of us have a lot of real spend,and it does not always return 5X

    • Good point although If you can liquidate them for free you can still earn rewards on your normal spend. For example if using a 2% card for normal spend you would get the 5X from these cards (liquidated for free through Bluebird/Serve or another method) and then the 2% back from your normal spend.

      If you use these cards for your normal spend you only get the 5X and not the additional 2%.

  4. Shawn, could you go over your above statement. … getting 2% and 5%?
    An Ultimate Rewards card gets you 5 % on these gift cards.
    Where does the 2% additional come in?

    • The person was talking about using these Mastercard gift cards for everyday spend. I was simply stating if they do that then they lose the credit card rewards they could earn for that spend.


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