The Staples Mastercard Promo Is Better Than Advertised!

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Staples Mastercard Instant Discount Better

Staples Mastercard Instant Discount Better

This week Staples is running an instant discount promotion on Mastercard gift cards. As mentioned in our previous article the stated limit is 1 discount per person, but apparently the deal is a little better than that. According to a member of the Miles to Memories Facebook Community, the discount works multiple times on the same transaction.

This member tried to purchase 2 X $200 Mastercard gift cards. The normal price of each of these cards is $206.95 however they both received a $5 discount and rang up at $201.95 each. This indicates that the price of the cards has been lowered in Staples system whether you purchase 1 or 9.

Need to Know

This deal seems to be working the same way the no-fee Visa and Mastercard promotions worked. I believe Staples corporate policy limits you to $2,000 in gift cards (including fees), thus meaning if the store allows it you could potentially purchase 9 X $200 cards in one transaction. I have done this before with Visa gift card deals, but some stores have lower limits.


While I still prefer Visas to Mastercards for a variety of reasons, this is a great deal if you have the bandwidth and a card that earns 5X at Staples. For more details including how to maximize this deal and liquidate the cards, see my original post

Happy 5Xing!

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  1. The terminal is hard coded to limit the transaction to $2000, meaning you can only get 9. I tried getting 10 and the cashier said “the computer is telling me 1 has to come off because you are $19 over $2000”. So, 9 is the limit. However, again like all these promos, some of the cashiers know the sales paper says 1 per customer, some don’t.

  2. Yeah, but you still get the 4% cash back from Ebates and if you have a business AmEx with the 2X MR and 10% (up to $100) cash back promo, you can stack up the savings.

  3. Make sure you liquidate the cards asap. My many Mastercard gift cards over the years has been hacked so many times that unless I could go to Sam’s club to buy its gift card right away I don’t bother.

  4. Any confirmation that you can still buy more than one in a transaction (barring knowledgeable cashier) or did Staples fix it?


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