Quick Update on Staples Mastercard Rebate Terms


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staples mastercard

Staples Mastercard Rebate Update

This week Staples is offering a $20 rebate on the purchase of $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards. Normally the weekly ad has the full terms but this time it was different.

Unfortunately I can now confirm that the offer is the same as all that have come before. Specifically:

  • The rebate is in the form of a Staples gift card.
  • There is a limit of 1 per household/person.

How to Find This Info

If you would like to find the rebate form to see the terms, go to the Staples Easy Rebate website and click to find a rebate. On the page us the keyword search and search for “Master”. For some reason when I searched for Mastercard it didn’t give any results.

On the rebate form you can see all of the terms including the limit and the specific mention of a Staples gift card as the rebate.

For more analysis about this deal, see this post.

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  1. as the same offer for a while, wonder why staples didn’t initially spell that out. also, i never get excited about the staples store credit rebate

  2. why does everyone poo poo Staples Rebate card? I can always find something to buy at Staples that I would normally buy. (Staples match prices with even Amazon so you will always get the lowest price) Printer Ink, toner/ink, paper, even Keurig and Tassimo coffee discs..

    I always get two sets of 2x$200 each. 1 to my name/addres, 1 to my sister’s name/address. I may do more in the future as start trusting my next door neighbor more and more.

    So that’s 4139 UR points and $40 bucks worth of coffee or office supplies for $28. What’s wrong with that??

    • Why not just resell it for 85% and get $ instead. I don’t find a need for most of the stuff at staples and don’t want to hassle with a price match for $20 worth of stuff.

    • VGC or not, this isn’t worth my time. To each their own though and it obviously depends on your goals. If this works for you then great. Too much of a time vacuum and YMMV, which also depends on your store/region.

  3. I was hoping for an Office Max/Office Depot-like deal as well. Haven’t seen one from them in months. Regardless, free money and miles are always welcome!


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