Update on Staples McAfee Free Money & Points Rebate Deal & How to Liquidate the Rebate Card

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staples mcafee rebate free points

Staples McAfee Free Money & Points!

Back in January I covered a pretty amazing deal that Staples had. At the time they were selling McAfee Antivirus software for $39.99 with a $39.98 easy rebate. The best part of this was that the limit was 10 units. This meant you could spend $399.90 up front and receive a prepaid Visa card of $399.80 after submitting the rebate.

As I explained in my original post, the math on this was very good. If you used a Chase Ink card then you earned:

  • 2,000 Ultimate Rewards points
  • $20 (5% in portal cashback)
  • $8-$20 in Staples Rewards depending on your tier.

While your values for the above might vary from mine, I would say that is worth about $50-$70 total. Not bad for purchasing an item and then filling out an online form and waiting.

Issues With The Rebate

Several people including myself had an issue with the rebate unfortunately. When I tried to submit my rebate, it gave me an error saying they needed more time to determine my eligibility. Luckily a quick chat with the Staples Easy Rebate people got my filing on track.

Other people reported Staples saying there was a limit of one. I think there may have been some confusion since a similar deal was offered the next week with a limit of 1. If you purchased during the dates laid out in my post, you should be eligible for the rebate on the 10 units as is described in the terms on their rebate form.

Getting the Card

staples mcafee rebate free points

In my experience Staples Easy Rebates can sometimes be quick and sometimes take forever. I filed my rebate about a month ago and was happy to see the prepaid Visa card arrive in the mail today. The best part was that it came in the full amount of $399.80. Other than the quick chat (which took 10 minutes) it went very well.

Liquidating Your Card

While Staples Visa rebate cards didn’t used to be pin-enabled, fortunately that has changed. I confirmed recently that the PIN number on these cards is the last four digits of the card number. Additionally, they work to load Bluebird/Serve at Walmart and should work in other places that pin-enabled gift cards work. This means I will simply load this to my Serve card and get the cash back directly. That is better than my previous strategy of buying eBay gift cards for the fuel points.


If you haven’t received your rebate card yet, it may be a good idea to go to the Staples Easy Rebate website to track and make sure the rebate is being processed correctly. While I can’t say this deal initially went as well as planned, it did turn out alright and my total time investment of about 30 minutes including the chat was worth what I earned in the end.

Have you received your prepaid card from this deal yet? Have you had issues? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Now that I have 10 McAfee downloads, do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to resell the codes? Thank you.

  2. I still don’t understand why some think that the rebate Visa gift cards sent by Staples as rebates only recently were able to be used with a PIN. It’s been that way for way over 2 years because I’ve been using them just like any other VGC. Only the Staples Gift Card that is also a rebate can’t be used like a VGC. There’s 2 variety of rebate cards: Staples Gift Card (can only use at Staples) and the better Staples VISA gift card which has come with a PIN for about 2 years. Unless it was a regional thing that I was benefiting from while others received a non-PIN Staples VISA rebate card, it’s been like this a while.

    • I can’t really explain it, but Staples Visa rebate cards that I received during most of 2015 didn’t have a PIN. I didn’t test all of them, but tested enough to know they didn’t. Perhaps they switched over is stages. Very interesting.

  3. Has anyone else had issues with online chat? I was able to get it worked out and working a few days ago but for a good two weeks it was showing up as unavailable even during the posted hours…

  4. My tracking saids it has shipped. It’s been that way for about 2 weeks but I haven’t received the card yet. Starting to get worried. I guess I will SM them tomorrow.

  5. Just got my rebate card as well. I was fortunate as there was a coupon for 25% rewards if purchased in store, so $399.80 in rebates and $99.95 in Staples rewards.

  6. Shawn:

    I purchased online and picked up in store to use the 25% in store rewards for that week to earn $100 in rewards. However staples is not honoring the 25% in store rewards – they said the McAfee does not qualify for the 25% rewards. Talked to 2 supervisors and is not going anywhere. Any advice on how to get staples to post my $100 rewards? Thanks

  7. I submitted both rebates for limit of ten and one. I just received an e-mail last week stating that my rebate was shipped. I did have initial trouble with the processing of the limit of ten rebate, but that was corrected via chat with Staples representative. I’m still waiting for both rebates, but I’m hopeful they will come. Then it’s off to WM to load my BB:)

    • I received both easy rebates in the mail today ($39.98 and $399.80) and successfully loaded them to my BB at WM. I had no issues loading them at the customer service register. Kate has been down for months in my area.

  8. Still waiting on mine in the mail. By far the most frustrating and time consuming staples rebate I’ve had to deal with and probably the last for a while.

    Had to have it submitted three times and like others stated I’ve had to look myself to see it recently be updated to shipped. In the future I suggest people skip staples tracking and instead look to the parago website as it updates faster. Not sure if I was just unlucky but their customer service leaves much to be desired.

  9. I submitted mine on-line and got a message that it went through. A couple weeks ago, I got a post card saying there was a problem. On-line chat supposedly got it straightened out. My card should show up the week of March 7 according to what the CSR told me.

  10. Mine arrived today as well. It was a bit of a pain. I had to go through the whole chat thing and then track it on the “Mail-In” tab. I kept getting emails about an error in my submission that were a bit of a freak-out.

  11. I just received my card for $399.80 today. Bought a MO at WM.

    If trying to track on the Staples Easy Rebate website try in the “mail-in” section as these needed to be manually done by a Staples rep.

    • Oddly, I’m still waiting on the $20 rebate (from the gift cards ) as well. I got the McAfee one yesterday even though I submitted it later and had the above described hassles with it.

  12. Hey Shawn, thanks for the update. My status shows that its been sent but I never received a notification email saying its on the way like the other times I have done rebates. Did you or anyone else that reads this have the same issue? Its probably been right around a week since it flipped to show sent status. Will probably wait until Monday’s mail and chat with them if it isn’t in there by then.



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