Staples Rewards Change, JetBlue Sale, Great Groupon Deal & Amazon Tap


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Staples Rewards Minor Change

staples rewards free shipping

I have written a few times in the past as to why I love the Staples Rewards program and how it has been very generous to me and my family. Today they announced a minor change that thankfully won’t make a huge difference. Instead of offering free shipping to rewards members on any purchase, they are adding a minimum order amount of $14.99. Here is how they describe it in their email:

We are updating your Staples Rewards® benefits. On Monday March 7, we will offer free shipping on all orders over $14.99, excluding Oversize items. For more information, please visit theStaples Rewards program benefit page.

I don’t see this as a huge deal since the threshold is still very low. If I find a good deal then I really like shopping from Staples since most of the time their items are delivered via courier the next day. Of course 5% in Rewards, a nice portal bonus and 5X from my Chase Ink don’t hurt either.

Newegg Groupon Deal

staples rewards free shipping

Another retailer I like to shop at is Newegg. Currently Groupon has a couple of nice Newegg deals.

You can make this deal even better though. Simply use the code NEWEGG10 to save 10% off the purchase. This brings the price of the $100 card down to $90 or the $45 card down to $40.50.

Then use the Simply Best Coupons portal (or Upromise but SBC tracks faster) for another 10% off. This brings the price of a $100 card to $81 or a $50 card to $40.50. There is a limit of 2 of each denomination per person.

JetBlue Award Sale

staples rewards free shipping

JetBlue is offering 25% off all award for travel this Spring and Early Summer. The sale ends tonight at 11:59 EST, so you only have a few hours left to book. You can find the full details here.

This & That

  • SPG has a new instant win game. I covered it this morning. You can play once daily. Find the details here.
  • Amazon released a new bluetooth speaker with Alexa capability. It is called Amazon Tap. The main difference between it and Echo is that Tap is more portable and thus doesn’t have always on Alexa while Echo is meant to be plugged into the wall. Neither product is my cup of tea, but I know Echo has been popular for many.

Have a great day!

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  1. Can the Newegg gift card be used to go through portal to newegg and but a different gift card such as eBay? Thanks so much for sharing insights.

  2. that jetblue promo was a good one — almost made up for the devaluation of the Amex points transferred over. (yup, still sour over that one)

    As for Staples, thanks for the alert and concur the shipping change is reasonable.

    Speaking of Staples, it’s been a while since they (or OfficeMax for that matter) ran any rebate promos for the Visa Gift Cards… indeed, not since before the bluebird shut downs began at year’s outset. No? Did I miss one? Over the past few years, seem to recall they ran about once per month. (You would know Shawn, as you so well kept us posted….)



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