Another Cool Little Free Staples Service that is Incredibly Useful

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staples shredding

Free Shredding at Staples

I write about Staples a lot on Miles to Memories. While I am not always a huge fan of their customer service, I find that the combination of discounted gift cards, huge credit card rewards, $40 free per month in Ink rewards and the occasional good deal draw me back in every time.

Since I almost always find myself in a Staples store at least once a month, I started looking at how I could make those trips work even better for me. Then I saw a coupon on the Staples website that made a lot of sense. Here it is:

staples shredding

I Don’t Like Shredding

One of the things I HATE most is shredding all of my documents, but it is a necessary evil. Being in this game, I get a lot of stuff that needs to be shredded and while I have a decent shredder at home, emptying it is messy and I simply don’t enjoy the experience. Plus it does tend to overheat after awhile.

The normal cost to shred documents at Staples is $1 per pound, so this coupon is basically worth $5. Not a big deal, but I am already going their stores anyway. Normally my wife and I go in, recycle our ink cartridges, shred our documents and take care of any gift card or other business we have. Good times.

I mistakenly thought Staples shredded the stuff right away (which I told a reader), but that was a mistake on my part. Just like thousands of businesses around the country, I believe they use an offsite shredding company and place the items you give them in a secure bin to be picked up later. For that reason you may want to keep your most sensitive documents at home.


Since I know a lot of you are in Staples stores regularly, I figured this might be a nice little trick to share with you. The coupon is good through the end of the year and can be used over and over, so there is no limit as to the amount of shredding you can have done. Now if the mailman would only stop bringing me SO MUCH JUNK!


  1. Well, I was just going to head over to Stapkes to shred a bag but, after reading the reviews I’m hesitant since they dont do it there. I Googled and found UPS shreds….anyone ever use them,?

  2. In modern times, you dont trust anyone with anything. Shred your own. Get INDUSTRIAL and nothing overheats. You can buy used. Its more expensive than the cheap small ones, but worth it unless you have Iron Mountain come by your home. Then I would be jealous.

    • I think you live in a different tax bracket sir. Not everyone has an extra 50 bucks lying around to purchase something they rarely use. And they definitely don’t want to use a credit card and go into debt for it.

  3. I learned my lesson about shredding stuff and being careful about what goes out in the recycling bin a long time ago.

    Now if only there was a Staples less than 60+ miles or so from me. Sucks living in the “sticks”!

    Hope they make this Office Max and Office Depot merger happen!

  4. can you draw out a scenario in which a document you fail to shred ends up in your security being compromised? I don’t buy it. Just safe your time and recycle your paper were you born in 1958?

    • Identity theft does happen, but I would lie if I said I was too worried about it. With that said, there is stuff I would rather have shredded. I guess the point of this post is to sort of say I am saving my time. Instead of shredding everything, I found a free way (that works within my schedule) to get others to do it.

    • Hey! I was born in 1958. What’s wrong with being born in 1958? 😉

      I do both. I shred as soon as I open and sort the mail. But when I was moving, then moving my mother, it was easier to bulk shred piles of old documents at Staples.

      I stumbled upon a pretty valuable coupon in my Rewards page of Staples.Com the other day for printing. It didn’t have a value on it so I thought it would be $5 – $10. I got new business cards for FTU Advanced this weekend with it. Turned out the coupon was worth $50! The receipt printed with a coupon for the balance.

  5. Many places, including Best Buy, are now recycling gift cards. I keep a bag and just drop them in the recycle box at the the store entrance.

  6. This is a nice service they provide; however I don’t know how comfortable I feel about turning over to staples/3rd party to shred.

    I actually just bought a paper shredder with staples rebate gift cards.

  7. Yep, I saw this in my local paper too approx 3 weeks ago…so I climbed on my home scale with and sans paper to be shredded and headed over to Staples when I was going that way. Yes, they do it off site so I thought the same thing about really sensitive info., but like you, I was surprised that the gentleman let me keep my coupon for future use til end of year. (He said they offer this all the time). I just don’t like overusing my home shredder….5# is a lot of paper!!! Thanks again for all the good/Great things you come up with for us.


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