REMINDER: Get Your Free Money Today & Why You Probably Shouldn’t Wait

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staples visa gift card reminder

Staples $20 Rebate With $250 in Visa Gift Cards

As I wrote about earlier this week, Staples is offering free money to those who want it. Just walk in the store, shout “Give me free money!” and walk out with wads full of cash. Ok maybe that isn’t quite how it works.

Even if the process of getting free money is a bit more involved than walking in and asking, these Staples deals tend to be worth it. If you aren’t quite sure what I am talking about, you can find the full details and a break down of the math here.

staples visa gift card reminder

One of the main reasons I love deals like these other than the mounds of Ultimate Rewards points I tend to earn, is because they come at a negative cost. If I make a $6.10 profit or more at Staples, then I can use that money to offset certain costs I incur at other stores. With deals like this one and some very lucrative Officemax promotions, my actual MS cost was very close to $0 in 2014.

Get Them ASAP

Even though this deal runs through Saturday, I highly suggest heading to Staples sooner rather than later, since the $200 cards tend to sell out quickly. While you could still eek out a small profit with $100 cards, the best money/points combination is 2 X $200 cards.

Happy Sunday!



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