Warning: This Week’s Staples Visa Gift Card Deal Is In-Store Only & Here is Why


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staples easy
Easy, but not as easy as some thought.

Staples Visa Rebate is In-Store

Earlier this week I covered another Staples Visa gift card rebate deal. Said deal starts today and offers a $20 Visa gift card via rebate with the purchase of $300 or more in Visa gift cards. It is pretty much the same as the deal they run every month or two except for one thing.

This time the fine print in their weekly ad didn’t say “in-store only”. Since Staples has recently started selling $300 Visa gift cards online, many people thought they might be able to get the rebate via purchasing them this way. This would be really good, since many stores run out of stock quickly.

Unfortunately it does appear that this deal is in-store only just like past ones. If you pull up the rebate form (just search Visa in the keyword area) it clearly says in-store only. Here is what it looks like:

staples easy

But maybe that is a typo too? Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint, Staples also lists the eligible SKUs. None of the SKUs listed match Visa gift cards that can be purchased online. Here is the $300 card for example:

staples easy


It was a nice idea while it lasted, but this deal is in-store only just like all of the ones that have come before. If you want to get cards, I suggest heading out to the store sooner rather than later before everyone else buys up their stock. Even though Staples hasn’t made this deal even easier, it is still a decent negative cost way to rack up a lot of points. If you are lost about why this is a deal, see this post for more details and analysis.

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  1. VGCs & MCs purchase with chase ink CC are also counted toward the minimum spend requirement for the special bonus, correct?

  2. This is somewhat related. Last time Staples offered a deal on giftcards, I purchased 3 $200 MC cards on Oct 4. Yesterday when I went to deposit in BlueBird I noticed the cards were almost complexly drained out. I don’t know how someone used these cards if all this time the cards were unopened and sitting in a safety deposit box.

      • Amazon and some sports tickets! I have filed a dispute with MasterCard. The person that did this even had the audacity to register the cards in his name.


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