SPG Starpoints Purchase Bonus – Get up to 25% More But Is It Worthwhile?

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Starpoints Purchase Bonus

Starpoints Purchase Bonus

SPG points are among the most valuable in the miles/points space and thus are in high demand. While they are generally very expensive at $.035 each, through May 31, 2015 the company is offering up to a 25% bonus on their purchase up to 20,000 points.

Here is how the bonus works:

• Get 10% off 5,000–9,500 Starpoints
• Get 15% off 10,000–14,500 Starpoints
• Get 20% off 15,000–19,500 Starpoints
• Get 25% off 20,000 Starpoints

Starpoints Purchase Bonus

This equates to the following prices:

  • 5,000 points – $157.50 – $.0315 CPP
  • 10,000 points – $297.50 – $.0298 CPP
  • 15,000 points – $420 – $.028 CPP
  • 20,000 points – $525 – $.0262 CPP

You can purchase the points here. (Note: The transaction is processed through Points.com so most likely will not earn a travel category bonus on your credit card.)

Is It Worth It

In general Starpoints are worth about $.02 each, so I don’t think this deal is really worth it. There are of course a few exceptions. During special events and other peak times hotels can be quite expensive

With that said, I searched in several cities over popular dates and either could not find any room or found that hotels were about the same cost as the Starpoints. Of course there will be situations where buying the points is cheaper, but that is the exception as opposed to the rule.


This may be a good deal for people with upcoming trips for which they can save money by using points. Since SPG credit awards stays towards elite status, using points isn’t as much of a hindrance as with other chains. Just remember to always do your math before pulling the trigger.


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