(PSA) Status Match Total Rewards to Wyndham Before The End Of The Month


Status Match Total Rewards to Wyndham

If you are playing the status match game with Total Rewards and Wyndham, much like Mlife and Hyatt, then be sure to do it this month.  Total Rewards status lasts until January 31st giving you a chance to match last years status to this years Wyndham status.  You should then be able to match it back to Total Rewards in February when TR’s status drops off.  That is how I got a nice $100 surprise last year when I was in Vegas.  And this partnership is why I said the Wyndham card might be undervalued.

How To Status Match

To status match from Total Rewards to Wyndham go to this website.

  • Select I am a Total Rewards member
  • You will be directed to log into your Wyndham account
  • You will be asked for your Total Rewards number and some other personal info
  • Select match my status

Then you should see your updated status.  I matched TR Diamond to Wyndham Diamond.  I don’t care about Wyndham status much, since I think they are crooks, but I would like to match it back to Total Rewards status.  That should get me another $100 dinner, free show tickets, free parking, and other status perks.


If you have Total Rewards status then be sure to play the match game this month to keep it going. If you already have Wyndham status via their credit card or through stays then you can match it starting in February.

This is great for people that took advantage of the limited time offer of status matching last year too.


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  1. Thank you for the reminder. I just status-matched to Wyndham Diamond (got an instant confirmation) and will status-match back to Total Rewards next month.
    Very useful article – much appreciated.

  2. Why do you think they are crooks? I guess I missed the post(s?) that described some disastrous reservations. Would you give the link to the evidence? Thanks. (I like Wyndham — stayed last week at the Ravel in Queens — gorgeous 15K-point room with a balcony looking out on Manhattan and the 59th St. bridge.)

    • Kerry if you click on the link that is highlighted on that exact phrase it takes you to the post where I discuss my issues with them. That along with changing promo terms on the fly and refusing to pay out agreed upon terms makes them shady in my book.

    • You should because it is a free match and if you wait until after the 31st you miss out on the double dip to match it back to Total Rewards. Which brings you a lot of perks even if you don’t gamble or like Vegas like a free trip to Atlantis etc.

      • So you are saying match wyndham to TR now to have it until end of month….and then match again to have TR thru rest of 2019. Will that work? I only have the wyndham diamond as of now but would like to have it thru 2019 not just end of month. Is it possible to match now to TR and then again on Feb 1….or if I match now will it last thru 2019?

        • I am not sure if you match it now if it will go till Jan 31 2020. I suspect it will but I am unable to try since I already have Diamond till Jan 31, 2019. If you end up giving it a try let us know what happens. After February 1 you will be matched till Jan 31, 2020 as long as it works like it has in previous years.

          • So in the past I could have matched Wyndham in Jan to total rewards…and then match wyndham AGAIN in Feb when new status year begins? Let me know and I will try the match and tell you my Jan results.

          • I am honestly not sure what happens when matching in January. I don’t know if that will cause an issue trying to match in February if it only gives you status until January 31. I can’t say either way. If I had to guess I think matching in January (if you have no TR status) will give you status for the full year but that is just a guess on my part.

  3. Can confirm if you have TR Diamond status now it will not work. Need to wait till it drops on 2/1. Nowhere on the Wyndham site can I find when my Diamond status (through the TR match) expires.

  4. Is there a benefit to matching Wyndham Diamond to TR starting in February rather than right now? I may have jumped the gun as I just put it for a match Wyndham Diamond->TR Diamond. For example, I was looking at the Atlantis deal and I was confused whether or not I have to book my stay prior to Jan 31, 2019

    • If you already have TR status it won’t go through until after the status drops on Feb 1 I believe. But if you don’t have TR status right now then I think it would be fine and you should get it to Jan 31, 2020. Not 100% on that though.

      • I have the same concern: match now and have it only till Jan 31 2019 or do it in February and have it until Jan 31 2020. Can’t find any info about it on TR website. So you think to play safe and wait few weeks?


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