Time To Get Your Caesars Rewards Diamond On! Status Match From Wyndham Today


Status Match Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond

Last month I did a piece telling you to status match from Caesars Rewards (previously Total Rewards) to Wyndham status.  That is because Caesars status goes until January 31st each year so there is some overlap where you can double dip the status matching.  If you already had Diamond status with Caesars then you needed to wait till it to dropped off February 1st. Matching status from today on should get you Caesars status until January 31, 2020.

Why This Matters

If you have Wyndham Diamond status or Platinum status it is worth matching back to Caesars Rewards for the perks:

Diamond status is not as good as it used to be with the reduction in lounge privileges.

How To Do It

Doing this is simple and should take all of 1 minute.  Go to this website to perform status match.

Status Match

Select I am a Wyndham Rewards Member Match My Status on the right side of the page.

Log into your Caesars Rewards account and enter your Wyndham rewards number.  You should get this message:

Once the status is matched you should have your Diamond Celebration dinner in your account within a few weeks.  I guess they no longer post the same day.  That is part of the reason it is better to do this now than to wait till right before your next trip.


This is one of the easier wins out there and it offers pretty good value if you travel to an area with a Caesars casino. I am partial to the New Orleans location. You may even get a comped room or two out of the deal.  I wouldn’t wait so that it is all set up the next time you need it.

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  1. I always was under the impression that CET does not allow tier matches in consecutive years. Anyone have any clarification on that?

  2. Did this need to be done on Feb. 1st. Just tried to do it and my Wyndham status has been reset to Blue. Tried to do the status match both ways but no luck. Am I screwed??

      • I had Wyndham DIamond status in January. I got matched from Caesars in November. I got Caesars Diamond from a match at Borgata. When I saw your first article I tried to rematch Wyndham and Caesars in January and it said I was already Diamond. On Feb. 2nd My Caesars status dropped to Gold so I went to Wyndham to match my Diamond status back to Caesars and my Wyndham was dropped to Blue. Maybe they both expired at the same time. Not sure but I am left with nothing.

        • My guess is you tried to match Wyndham to Caesars in January and you had to do it the other way – Caesars to Wyndham. Wyndham status resets 1/1 where Ceasars doesn’t reset till 2/1. That 30 day window is where you have to match them back and forth.

    • sounded that u need to now find a way to match wyndham status to diamond again; think some hotels elite status could match to wyndham’s

  3. Check your Caesars account now, matched this morning, got the 7 day message, but am now Diamond with Caesars again. Yippie

  4. Weirdly, my status at Wyndham continues to state that I am matched to Diamond and “In order to keep your DIAMOND level match, you need to stay 14 more qualifying night(s) by 01/09/2019.”

    But, I did the match with Caesars, and I got the “7 day” message.

  5. where do u see the celebration dinner? i tried to match in november and even though i got 7 day messsage it never matched (showed pending). so i contacted them via contact us and they emailed me saying we will update status to diamond which they did. but i never saw anything under any tabs.

    • You have to go to a Caesar Rewards desk to get the $100 certificate printed when visiting a casino. It only works at certain restaurants at each location.

      • mark, went last december… the $100 is now auto added to the card, no more printed cert.; still need to physically go to the desk to get the $ added

        • Well that is awesome and stupid at the same time haha. Just add it to the card when earned! I wish they would just give $100 in rewards credits 🙂


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