3 Separate Subaru Test Drive Offers – Will They Stack?


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subaru test drive offer

Free Gift Cards from Subaru

Subaru is offering a number of different incentives for test driving their vehicles. Maximizing Money reported a $25 offer for test driving the Subaru Forester, but I was able to find a few different offers depending on the vehicle.

Offer 1

  • $25 Target, Visa or Amazon Gift Card for test driving a Forester, XV Crosstrek, Impreza, WRX or BRZ Coupe.

subaru test drive offer


Offer 2

  • $25 prepaid Visa or a $20 Amazon or iTunes gift card for test driving a new Outback.

subaru test drive offer

Offer 3

  • Free Starbucks Tumbler with a $20 credit for test driving a new Legacy.

subaru test drive offer

How to Get the Offers

To get these offers, simply go to your local Subaru dealership’s website and click around to view their new vehicle inventory. Within seconds of searching for a specific model, the corresponding offer popped up on my screen.


Unfortunately they limit only one coupon per household per 6 months. I am not sure if that means one coupon per offer per household, so if I was going to do this, I would try to register for all 3 offers to give it a shot. My guess is that they will only validate one of offer though.

If I was only able to get one offer, then I would definitely choose a $25 Visa gift card over the other options. Perhaps Starbucks fans will lake the tumbler, but I prefer cold hard plastic cash equivalents.

More Information & Analysis

Maximizing Money has a full list of the exclusions and terms of the deal along with a number of dealerships that are presenting the Offer 1.


There is only one Subaru dealership in Las Vegas and it isn’t really conveneint for me, so I will probably be skipping this. With that said, I have registered so if I find myself in the area then I may just stop in for my freebie.

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  1. Once I signed up for a test drive of a Kia in exchange of I don’t know what miles. It was around two months ago. I never did the test drive but the seller has been haunting me. Even today I got an e-mail from her!!! So I’m afraid of even trying these things. I don’t know how hard they push you, this person has been e-mailing me every two weeks asking me about when I’m going to make the purchasing decision. I invented a half real excuse but she won’t take it.

    • All you have to do is tell her you bought a car already!
      if you still want to take the test drive, then do it. then, after you get the reward, tell them you bought something somewhere else.

  2. I would personally take the Amazon gift card, as Amazon has practically everything in the world you could ever want and free shipping (assuming a Prime member), versus hassle of using a VGC, or a trek down to Walmart to turn it into Bluebird/Serve, etc.

    • I’ve redeemed three of the Visa offers. I imagine it means no one from my household can go back to that one specific dealer, which is fine.
      I chose the Visa because Amazon money is really only worth 95 to 97% of the face value.
      Chase Amazon Visa: 3% rewards
      Amazon GCs obtained via other ways: 5% or more rewards
      Synchrony Amazon Prime card: If a prime member, the card now offers 5% rewards.

      One could argue that the $25 Visa is still only worth $24.50 in cash if you otherwise could’ve used a card offering 2% such as Citi Double Cash, Fidelity Amex, Barclay’s Arrival (2.2%), etc.

      I found that the car dealers where I get work done can process a partial payment if you tell them the amount in advance. Or partial insurance premium payments. The prepaid Visa(s) can be used for activities other than loading Serve.


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