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Tag: 5/24 rule

Targeted Chase Business Cards Offers Bypass 5/24

Based on their 5/24 rule, you will not be approved for certain Chase cards if you have opened 5 or more accounts in the past 24 months. But these targeted offers will bypass that rule.

Why Chase Expanding 5/24 to ALL Cards Makes Sense, It’s All...

Chase is expanding 5/24 to all cards, it is a great business decision. That makes this a business decision for us to going forward.

Chase Preapproved & Prequalified Offers: The Difference, Avoiding 5/24 & Becoming...

A look at the difference between online Chase prequalified offers and in-branch Chase preapproved offers. Are they the same, different and do they have to avoid the 5/24 rule?

Is the Chase 5/24 Rule in Effect on Most Cards? Looking...

Digging into the data points following the recent rumored expansion of the Chase 5/24 rule to many co-branded cards.

Is the Chase “5/24 Rule” Real? Let’s Look at the Evidence

A detailed look at the history of the Chase 5/24 rule and the data points behind it. Is 5/24 real, how to avoid getting denied and the best Chase application strategy going forward.