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Reminder: Put These Two Cards At the Top of Your Wallet...

Maximize your 2nd quarter bonus categories and earn 5X at grocery stores, restaurants and even drug stores from April until June.

Chase Freedom 2nd Quarter Categories Expanded: More Than Just Grocery Stores!

Chase has expanded their Freedom 2nd Quarter bonus categories. In addition to grocery stores, they have added more merchants where you can earn 5X.

My 5X Banana Republic Visa Gamble Has Paid Off!

My strategy of applying for a little known store credit card has paid off with a very lucrative 5X spending offer that will amount to 80% or more off of clothes.

Discover 2Q 5% (10%) Categories Announced & Why the 2nd Quarter...

The Discover It 2nd quarter bonus category has been announced. When combined with the categories on Chase Freedom & Citi Dividend, you can earn 5X on most everyday purchases.

Free Money & 5X Points! Staples $20 Rebate on Visa, Mastercard...

Details of an upcoming Staples promotion offering a $20 rebate with the purchase of $300 or more in Visa, Mastercard or American Express gift cards.

Citi Dividend 2016 Rotating Categories Released: Good News in Quarter 2!

Which categories can you earn increased cashback in for 2016 and how to maximize your full $300 cashback with the Citi Dividend.

Make Money & 5X This Weekend at Staples with Visa Gift...

Staples Mastercard Online Deal
Details of this week's Staples Visa gift card rebate, how to earn 5X points at a negative cost & whether or not this will work with Discover & Apple Pay.