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I Currently Have Elite Status with the 3 Major U.S. Airlines...

Elite Status Match American Delta United Elite status is one of those things you learn to cherish when getting into the miles/point hobby. The healthier...

American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards Sweet Spots (Oct-Nov)

The latest American Airlines reduced mileage awards list just dropped for October and November of 2019. I go over the sweet spot redemptions.

AA’s Dynamic Pricing Actually Worked in My Favor & Their Dirty...

American Airlines Expands Economy Web Award Routes
American Airlines switching to dynamic pricing isn't all bad and that is why I wanted to show you how to book American Airlines economy web special fares.

American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards Calendar (August – Sept)

AA Makes Changes to Award levels for Canada and Hawaii
I wanted to take a look at the American Airlines reduced mileage awards program and the sweet spots of their current calendar.

Targeted – Free Platinum Pro Status & Challenge From American Airlines

There are more free American Airlines platinum status offers going out via email again. My wife was targeted this time around. Details inside!

2 Days Left For Card Holders To Use American Airlines 10%...

There are only 2 days left to max out on of the best co-branded credit card perks out there for airline cards. Don't let $150 in value go to waste.

A Trick When You Are Short A Few American Airlines Miles

AA Makes Changes to Award levels for Canada and Hawaii
Have you ever found the perfect flight only to find out you were a few thousand miles short. Use this trick when flying American Airlines to bridge the gap.

American Airlines is Sending out Targeted Status Offers – No Requirements!

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Cancellations
Free Status for those who were chosen. A pretty amazing offer from American Airlines if you were lucky enough to get it!



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