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Earn up to 50K AAdvantage Miles with New American Airlines Promotion

American Airlines Expands Economy Web Award Routes
American Airlines has a promotion that can earn you a bonus of up to 50,000 AAdvantage miles. To get the maximum bonus, you need to earn miles through partners and fly with American Airlines.

I Can’t Decide If AAdvantage Changes Are Good or Bad Overall....

American Airlines Expands Economy Web Award Routes
American Airlines AAdvantage 2019 Program Changes: Elite Status and Earnings. Changes are a mixed bag Exec Plat is harder to attain but some flights will earn more EQDs and EQMs making other tiers easier to qualify for.

American Adds Lower Cost Award Tickets On Least Useful Routes Possible

American Airlines Introduces 5k Web Only Awards on very limited routes starting at 5,000 Miles which is cheaper than the Mile SAAver awards

Targeted Offer: Free AA Platinum + Free Upgrades + Status Challenge

American Airlines Expands Economy Web Award Routes
Another new targeted offer for Free American Airlines Platinum Status, Upgrades and Status Challenge. 20 free 500 Mile upgrades just for registering by October 12, 2018.

Targeted Citi AAdvantage Gold Mastercard Offer With No 24 Month Language

My wife recently received a Citi AAdvantage Gold Mastercard offer that is better than the current Platinum card's offer.

New Citi AAdvantage Card Benefits Announced: Increased Earning & A Unique...

American Airlines AAdvantage 2019 Program Changes: Elite Status and Earnings
Citi and American Airlines have announced new benefits coming to their co-branded credit cards. Among them are increased spending and a unique discount that will be popular with many. Find out more.

Sprint’s Amazing $15 Unlimited Plan Is So Popular It’s Ending Abruptly...

Sprint's $15 unlimited plan is ending abruptly due to its popularity. Learn about the requirements, sign-up process, the best benefits and how you can possible earn 20,000 AAdvantage miles. Signing up was a no-brainer for me!

My 5 Year Journey of Elite Status Matches/Promos & How the...

Award Ticket Redemption Process- Booking NYC to LAS
Recently two airlines opened up opportunities for me to gain elite status and upgrades without any cost. Over the past 5 years I have matched my elite status and taken advantage of many promotions to hold status with all three major alliances. Here is how I did it.

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