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Tag: airline news

What Was British Airways Thinking With That Devaluation? Simple: They Weren’t

There is a new British Airways award chart for partner airlines but British Airways did not want you to know what the changes would be, we found out anyway.

Southwest CEO Calls Delta Nothing More Than A Squatter They Need...

The battle for gate space at Dallas Love Field between Southwest & Delta continues to rage on. The Southwest CEO did not hold punches at a recent meeting.

US Airlines Incorrectly Deny 25% Of Passenger Compensation Claims

US airlines have incorrectly denied thousands of claims each year worth millions of dollars. Be sure that you don't become one of the statistics.

Bloomberg Says Airlines Have Lowered Award Prices – I Call Tomfoolery

Bloomberg Says Airlines Have Lowered Award Prices - I Call Tomfoolery I saw an article on Bloomberg titled Airlines Want You To Burn Your Miles and...

Airline Cyber Attacks Up Over 15,000% Year Over Year <- Not...

15000% is a huge number but that is the increase we have seen in airline cyber attacks from 2017 to 2018. And it doesn't look to be slowing down in 2019.

Airline News: 20% Off Alaska First Class & 3 New Routes...

Two new airline related news/deals were released today. You can save 20% on Alaska first class flights and Spirit Airlines announced some new direct routes.

Qantas is Stepping Up Enforcement of Carry-On Weights Restrictions

Qantas Will Start Weighing Carry-Ons
Qantas Will Start Weighing Carry-Ons at the gate to ensure they meet size and weight restrictions on some of Australia's busiest routes

Potential Boeing 737 Max Safety Issue Found Shortly After LionAir Crash

There is some new information that is starting to come out about the 737 MAX jet involved in the tragic LionAir crash that took the lives of 189 passengers.

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