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Tag: airline news

Qantas is Stepping Up Enforcement of Carry-On Weights Restrictions

Qantas Will Start Weighing Carry-Ons
Qantas Will Start Weighing Carry-Ons at the gate to ensure they meet size and weight restrictions on some of Australia's busiest routes

Potential Boeing 737 Max Safety Issue Found Shortly After LionAir Crash

There is some new information that is starting to come out about the 737 MAX jet involved in the tragic LionAir crash that took the lives of 189 passengers.

WOW air Pulling Out Of 3 Midwest Cities: St Louis, Cleveland,...

WOW air is calling it quits at many of the recently added locations. Most of the recently add Midwest airports will be losing affordable service to Europe.

Proposed Federal Aviation Bill Could Mean Big Changes for Passengers (And...

Federal Aviation Administration Bill proposed changes and how your flight experience could be improved plus welcome requirements for passengers and pets.

Baggage Fee Increases Galore – Carry On Luggage Is Becoming A...

There has been a recent influx of baggage fee increases happening across the airline industry. Don't look like but others are likely to follow suit.

Interesting Announcement From Virgin Atlantic – What Does it Mean?

Award Ticket Redemption Process- Booking NYC to LAS
Virgin Group & Virgin Atlantic announce creation of new company but what does it mean? Is this a good thing or a bad thing...I give you my thoughts.

Video of Planes Struggling to Land & Take off During Wind...

Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card
An amazing video of a Southwest flight trying to land this weekend - gusts of winds throwing the plane all over the place.



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