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The Skinny on Skinny Seats: The Modern History of Shrinking Airplane...

A walk through the modern history of airline seats from the plush 36" pitch of years gone by to today's slim line seats and non-existent legroom.

Low Cost Carriers: The rise, fall, rise, fall, and rise again...

A look at the history and evolution of low cost carriers in the United States from their humble beginnings after WWII to their modern rebirth folllowing September 11, 2001.

Don’t Pay For Seat Assignments – 5 Tips to Get That...

Airlines are releasing fewer seats for free assignment than ever before. Find out how to get a "premium" seat assignment without having to pay an upcharge.

AAdvantage Phone Fees Now Waived on Many Lucrative Awards!

American Airlines announced that they are no longer going to be charging phone bookings fees on certain awards along with an increased to phone booking fees on other awards.

Two Airlines Are Fighting It Out to Take One of Delta’s...

American airlines award change.
Two airlines filed an application with the USDOT today to gain control of one of the limited slots flying to Tokyo Haneda Airport. Find out which airlines and what routes.

The Coach Flying Experience Summed Up – Can You Relate to...

A funny parody about flying in coach. After experiencing several difficult long-haul coach experiences this past year, I can certainly relate. Enjoy!

Who Are The Best & Worst Airlines for Winter Holiday Travel...

Holiday Flight Delays - Find out which airlines have the least amount of delays during the holidays and which airlines struggle with on-time performance!

JetBlue Announces a New Baggage Fee & Decreased Legroom in Some...

JetBlue Baggage Fee
A new JetBlue baggage fee will go into effect in 2015 and the company has also the addition of more seats & less legroom in some of their planes.

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