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How to Check Your American Express Credit Card Application Status

Wondering how to check your American Express credit card application status? Here's a guide on how to check the status after your application.

Sign Of Things To Come? New Amex MR Transfer Charge In...

When you transfer to U.S. airline frequent flyer programs, you have to pay an "Excise Tax Offset Fee" which is $0.0006 per point but in Hong Kong a new flat fee has been introduced.

Max Out Your Amex Membership Rewards Points With These 5 Amazing...

Sitting on a pile of American Express points? Here are five best Membership Rewards redemption ideas where you can get insane value for your points!

Recent Credit Card Application Results To End 2019

An impressive haul to wrap up 2019 with this lastest credit card application results. The 5 approvals netted over $5,000 in value.

I Spent How Much!? On Annual Fees In 2019 & My...

I decided to take a look back at how much I spent on credit card annual fees in 2020 and let me tell you it isn't pretty!

Why The American Express Platinum is Absolutely Not Worth The Annual...

Guide: American Express Program Rules Including Application Restrictions, Card Limits and Difference Between Credit and Charge Cards
The snazziest premium card on the market is one many travelers love. But is the American Express Platinum Card worth it? Here's why I can't justify the fee:

Final Days to Use $50 Saks Fifth Avenue Platinum Credit

Only a few days remain to max out on of the Amex Platinum yearly credits, the $50 Saks Fifth Avenue credit. Don't let your credit go to waste!

(More People Targeted) Amex Platinum 100K Offer: How to Check If...

Check to see if you are targeted for a huge 100K sign-up bonus on the American Express Platinum card. This Amex Platinum 100K Offer is only for lucky targeted people but it only takes seconds to see if you are one of them.