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Membership Rewards 1:1 Transfer to Avios! Is it the New Norm?

Right now you can transfer 250 Membership Rewards points to 250 Avios. That's a rate of 1:1. What's interesting though is the fact that this is not showing up as a promotional rate.

Get 30% Bonus When You Transfer Membership Rewards to Virgin Atlantic...

American Express is offering a new transfer bonus, when you transfer Membership Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic miles.

50% Transfer Bonus from Amex to BA Avios, But It Feels...

American Express is offering a 50% transfer bonus to British Airways Avios. It sort of only feels like 20% though, so is it a good deal?

New 30% Amex Transfer Bonus for Etihad: Finding Value & Studying...

Details of the new Etihad Amex transfer bonus including flying on the new first class apartments and finding value in Etihad's partner award charts.