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Is Amex Clawing Back the Platinum Saks Credit for Gift Cards...

American Express has clawed back bonuses and stopped paying rewards on many gift card purchases, but it appears they may now be taking a further step in order to take away credits for a popular American Express Platinum benefit.

Amex Has Targeted Offers for Delta Cards with NO Lifetime Restriction

American Express is sending out targeted offer for its personal Delta credit cards. While these are the best offers we have seen, they also have an added bonus. There's no lifetime restriction in the terms.

WOW! Amex Business Gold Cardmember is Missing 450K Points

You expect a charge to be in a bonus category, but instead you get only one point per dollar spend. One such issue though, has left one cardmember 450,000 Membership Rewards points short.

Stack Amex Offers to Save $60 Off $100 at Staples

Check your American Express business credit cards for a great new Amex Offer that can save you 35% on office supplies. If you have the Staples Amex Offer on the same card, you can stack them both for up to 60% off at Staples.

Increased Bonus: Amex Amazon Business $225 Offer + 5X

American Express and Amazon have increased the bonus on their Business Prime card for a limited time.

New Staples Amex Offer, Save $25 or Earn 2,500 Points

Check your American Express cards for an offer that can save you $25 on a Staples purchases. There's also a Membership Rewards version that will earn an extra 2,500 points.

3 Newer But Mostly Underwhelming Credit Card Offers

There are three newer but mostly underwhelming credit card offers that have come out over the last few weeks. I break each one down for you.

Amex Delta Cards Will Have Revamped Benefits and New Increased Offers

Delta and American Express are relaunching of all seven Delta SkyMiles® American Express Cards with an accompanying limited time offers starting October 1.



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