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How an Old Chase Transfer Paid Off & An Exciting New...

Amtrak Rewards Redemption California Zephyr
How a once forgotten currency got me an amazing award redemption value and how those points are the fuel for a fun adventure.

Amtrak 4-Day Nationwide Sale, Save 30% on Fares

Amtrak Rewards Redemption California Zephyr
Save 30% on your travel to your favorite city, or explore new travel hot spots with the Amtrak Across America sale.

Amtrak 4-Day Nationwide Sale, Save 30% on Fares

Amtrak is running a nationwide promotion with a discount of 30% on its fares for travel this winter and fall.

Hacked: My Amtrak Rewards Compromised & Why This Is a HUGE...

I recently had my Amtrak Guest Rewards account with very valuable points hacked. Thankfully I was able to stop the thief, but I learned a very important lesson about what I need to do now!

The New (Worse In Some Ways) Amtrak Guest Rewards Starts Soon...

Amtrak Rewards Redemption California Zephyr
The New Amtrak Guest Rewards program goes into effect in a few days. Find out how to book sleeper trains now before your points are worth a lot less for these awards.

PSA: Ultimate Rewards Transfers to Amtrak Still Available: I Just Transferred...

Despite the official December 7 end date, transfers from Chase Ultimate Rewards to Amtrak Guest Rewards are still working as of now. Act fast if you want to transfer points!

My Amtrak Strategy & Plans on this Last Day to Transfer...

Looking at the main reasons to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Amtrak and deciding how many to send over before tonight's deadline.

Chase is Converting Amtrak Cardholders & We Still Don’t Know About...

Amtrak Rewards Redemption California Zephyr
Chase is converting current Amtrak cards to another product and we still don't know about the future of transfers from Ultimate Rewards to Amtrak.

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