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Take 3 Amtrak Trips to Earn Free Trip

Amtrak has a new promotion for Acela or Northeast Regional that can get you a free trip in the summer after taking three trips now.

BOGO at Amtrak When You Share a Bedroom or Roomette

Amtrak has a new 'buy one get one' offer for a Bedroom or Roomette bookings. There's only a few days left to book, but you can travel through April of next year.

Amtrak Sale, Book Today to Save 50% on September Travel

Amtrak is running one of their best sales today. They are offering a 50% discount for those traveling next month.

Earn Lots of Amtrak Points with Hotel Booking and Car Rentals

Amtrak has a promotion that can earn you bonus points when you book hotel stays or car rentals trough Amtrak.

Huge Gift Card Sale at BJ’s: Southwest, Uber, Amtrak, Hotels.com, iTunes...

BJ's has lots of gift card brands on sale today. These offers are available online only, but there might be some options in store as well.

Amtrak Father’s Day Sale, 30% Off Nationwide

Amtrak has a new Father's Day Sale with discounts o 30% nationwide. You need to book in the next few days but you can travel in late summer and through the fall.

Why I Walked Off My Amtrak Trip: A Beautiful Disaster!

My recent trip on Amtrak's California Zephyr train was full of frustrating delays and beautiful scenery. Ultimately, after severe delays I decided I had to walk off the train and end my journey early and I'm glad I did!

Amtrak Sale: Buy One Ticket, Get One Free

Amtrak Rewards Redemption California Zephyr
Amtrak has launched a new promotion, called ‘Unconditional Love Flash Sale’. You can buy one ticket and get one free.