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Spending Bonus, Get $25 With Chase Ritz-Carlton and Apple Pay

Chase has an offer for Chase Ritz-Carlton card holders, when using it for purchases through Apple Pay, similar to this deal for Free.

Discover Apple Pay Wrap-Up: My Cashback Haul & How Two Huge...

A final look back at the Discover Apple Pay promotion and how two mistakes I made along the way ended up costing me money.

Frustrating Discover Apple Pay Experiences & 1 Key Takeaway That You...

I had a serious issue when attempting to use my Discover card through Apple Pay at Best Buy the other day. Here is the one thing you need to know to avoid the hassles I encountered.

Discover Credit Limit Recycling & How to Request an Increase to...

Maximizing the Discover Apple Pay promo, Discover's credit limit cycling policies and how to request a credit line increase without incurring a hard pull.

Discover Cards Mysteriously Removed from Apple Pay Wallet?!?

My Discover cards have mysteriously been removed from my Apple Pay Wallet. Is it a glitch or something else?

My First Discover Apple Pay Experience & A Cool Trick I...

Today I had my first experience using Apple Pay with my Discover card. Find out how it worked and what I discovered about activating a locked iPhone.

Make Even More Money! Two New Promotions from Softcard (ISIS).

Softcard Referral
Make up to $150 with the Softcard Referral promotion & another $150 with their new Tap 5 Pay 10 promotion! FInd out all of the promotion terms and details.



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