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Club Carlson Asia Offer, Get 30% Discount When You Use an...

Hotel Point Expiration Policies
Club Carlson has yet another promotion that can get you a 30% discount on stays in Asia as long as you have an American Express credit card.

Visiting Ephesus

Find out why Ephesus is a place that all children can and should visit. What remains of Ephesus is both stunning and remarkable. We found the ruins to be among the best we have ever visited. Take a peak inside for tips and information about our visit.

Is This Bangkok Disneyland Or Am I Dreaming?

Dream World is no doubt's Bangkok's version of Disneyland. While Dream World is much more like a typical amusement park than Disneyland, it is still a lot of fun!

A Typical Day of Travel.

A typical day of travel for us usually involves a little sightseeing and taking care of some sort of business. This turned out to be one of those days. We visited Bangkok's Chinatown and took the time to acquire our Cambodian visas!

Experiencing The Craziness of Songkran In Bangkok!

Shawn Reece & Jasmine preparing for battle at the Songkran Festival in Bangkok, Thailand.
We were lucky enough to spend a few days in Bangkok during their amazing Songkran Festival. Find out what it is like to experience the craziness first hand!

A Descent Into Chaos!

Just as we settled in to the vibe and feel of Bangkok, the city changed tremendously. Overnight, the Songkran Festival started and everyone suddenly started roaming the streets looking for someone to spray with water! We also used this time to visit a famous outdoor market and a historic house in the middle of Bangkok!

The City of Life!

Upon arriving in Bangkok it took us a little time to settle in, but once we did, we managed to cruise along the river, visit Khao San Road and stroll through the massive grounds of one of the world's most famous Buddhist Temples!

Paradise Unrealized!

While the tour we booked out to Thailand's Phi Phi islands was not as described, the scenery was absolutely stunning. On one hand we were upset about being lied to, but on the other it is hard to argue with a place as beautiful as this!!!



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