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Spirit Airlines or Military Transport? Testing Their New Exposed Metal Seats...

Spirit Airlines Exposed Metal Slimline Seats Spirit Airlines has taken the low cost carrier model that has proven successful in Europe and Asia and made...

The Skinny on Skinny Seats: The Modern History of Shrinking Airplane...

A walk through the modern history of airline seats from the plush 36" pitch of years gone by to today's slim line seats and non-existent legroom.

Scheduled Air Service from the U.S. to Cuba: It Is Going...

Scheduled air service will resume between Cuba and the United States. How will the limited number of slots be dished out and how will this affect tourism in the island nation?

Shuttle Diplomacy Part 2: Deregulation, Trump & Into the Future

Part two of our history of air shuttles. Deregulation in the 70's, the rise of the Trump shuttle and where we go from here as US Airways fades into the sunset.

Shuttle Diplomacy: The Rise of American Aviation’s Backbone

A history of air shuttles from their roots in the 1920s through the dog days of the 1970's when Southwest entered the market causing $13 fares.

Low Cost Carriers: The rise, fall, rise, fall, and rise again...

A look at the history and evolution of low cost carriers in the United States from their humble beginnings after WWII to their modern rebirth folllowing September 11, 2001.

Phoenix Sues the FAA Over Flight Paths – What Does This...

Phoenix has sued the FAA in federal court over new flight paths implemented over the city. Does a municipality such as Phoenix have the right to determine the paths of planes flying overhead?

Amazing Video – Watch a KLM 747 Land in St. Maarten...

KLM has released an amazing video of one of their 747-400 aircraft on approach into St. Maarten. Watch how this difficult landing looks from the pilot's perspective.



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