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10% American Airlines Rebate May Not Be Over For Barclays Card...

It appears some have dodged the devaluation bullet, at least for a little while. The 10% American Airlines rebate is not ending yet for Aviator cardholders.

An Easy 40,000 American Airlines Miles – AAdvantage Aviator Business Mastercard

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Cancellations
Working link for the Aviator Red business card - easy 40,000 miles.

My Barclay Aviator Red Card Retention Call

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Cancellations
Details on my retention call with Barclaycard.

Barclaycard Aviator Red, 10K AA Miles Spending Offer [Targeted]

American Airlines AAdvantage 2019 Program Changes: Elite Status and Earnings
Barclaycard sent out some targeted offers today by email for their Aviator Red card. If you're targeted you can earn some extra American Airlines miles.