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Transfer Bonus! Get 30% More Avios When Transferring From Hotels

British Airways is having a transfer bonus when converting hotel points. Does it make sense to cash in those hotel points for flights with this 30% bonus or should you steer clear?

Proceed With Caution When Transferring Iberia Avios to British Airways Avios

Proceed with caution when transferring to British Airways Avios. They may get immediately confiscated if you are not cautious.

You Can Now Transfer Promotion Iberia Avios to BA… So Should...

Sometime in the last couple of days Iberia has made a change and it now lets you transfer Avios earned from its recent promotion to British Airways.

Is Iberia Now Denying the Avios Promotion for Even More Reasons?

Iberia Denies Avios Due to Booking Inconsistencies Last week we covered a deal offered by Iberia for up to 90K Avios that everyone seemed to...

BREAKING: 90K Iberia Avios ARE NOW Posting, But It’s Not All...

Great news for some with Iberia Avios now posting in accounts, but for others the news isn't quite so nice just yet.

Iberia Update: Sensationalist Post, Enforcing the Terms, Locked Accounts & Honoring...

The Iberia promotion seems to be on track, but some people are jumping the gun to say the airline won't honor it based on them enforcing their terms.

Evolving on a Deal, The Naysayers & Why I Ultimately Went...

Why evolving on a deal can be a great thing, why naysayers exist and how you can't win unless you play the game.

How I Saved EVEN MORE $$$ With This Weekend’s CRAZY Iberia...

The Iberia Avios deal where you can buy 90K points for less than $300 is almost too good to be true, but there is one thing you can do to make it even better!

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