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BofA Implementing New 1 Personal Card Per Person Rule?

Some recent data points indicate Bank of America may have implemented a very restrictive new rule for credit card applications.

A New 30K Credit Card Bonus & Targeted Chase Ink Cash...

A new Chase Ink Cash 50K targeted offer has surfaced along with a brand new 30K airline card offer.

Don’t Make This Huge Mistake with Statement Credits & Minimum Payments

4 Ways Frequent Travelers Can Avoid Wasted Points
A simple but huge mistake can cost you money and prestige with a bank. Don't do this when dealing with payments and statement credits.

What’s In My Wallet: Bank of America (Which Cards I Carry...

A detailed look at my Bank of America credit card strategy including which products I currently have and which ones I am considering adding to the mix.

5 Apps, 4 Banks & 1 Painful Denial: My Latest Credit...

Credit card application results & takeaways including the results of five apps spread across four banks. One app resulted in a painful denial, but the rest were approved!

Bank of America Closed My Credit Card Without Notice & Why...

Bank of America recently shut down one of my credit card accounts with absolutely no notice. And it was completely preventable.

Going for 2.625% Cashback with BofA, Application Experience & Why Bank...

Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card application experiences, the best bonus offer and how I am juicing up the card to get 2.625% cashback everywhere.

The Best Credit Card Offer from each of the Major Banks...

A look at the best credit card offers from each of the major banks in the U.S. Which cards should you be looking at and why.



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