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Barclays Makes Changes to Credit Cards Benefits

Barclays has sent out notices to cardholders announcing some changes to credit card benefits. There's good and bad news, as some benefits are removed and some added.

Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Business – The Most Difficult Approval Ever

The Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Business Card application process can be long & sometimes annoying. Here's what my application & approval process included.

10% American Airlines Rebate May Not Be Over For Barclays Card...

It appears some have dodged the devaluation bullet, at least for a little while. The 10% American Airlines rebate is not ending yet for Aviator cardholders.

Earn 3X on Plastiq Payments with Some Barclays Business Cards [Targeted]

Barclays is sending out offers to some its JetBlue, Hawaiian and American Airlines business customers with an opportunity to earn an extra 2X on Plastiq payments. This offer is only for new Plastiq customers.

60,000 American Airlines Miles for $95 & A Pack of Gum

American Airlines AAdvantage 2019 Program Changes: Elite Status and Earnings
Barclays recently increased the offer for their AAdvantage Aviator Business card and it is setting a new record.

Barclays Sends Out Targeted Bonuses for Adding Authorized Users

Barclays has sent out emails to some credit card holders with an offer to get a bonus for adding authorized users. I've seen the offer on two cards so card, but it's possible that other Barclays cards are targeted as well.

Stealth Credit Card Devaluations: Is This the New Normal?

Banks are employing a new tactic in the credit card game. Instead of taking away benefits, they are launching new fresh cards which are nothing more than a devaluation of their old products.

Why the Barclays Arrival Premier Card Will Never be in my...

The Barclays Arrival Premier was launched today and I just don't see any tangible value in the card



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